toes in the sand & on Google.com

Does anyone recognize this picture in the screenshot below?

This picture is one I took on vacation of mine and Waynes toes in the sand :)

Google has a new feature where you can upload your OWN picture on google if you are signed in :) How cool is that?

Here is the original shot...
Still working lots of hours but it has slowed down a little bit - I have been reduced to facebooking on my iphone - sniff sniff - I never see Cassey anymore cause I am working so much - my kids have started to come eat at the restaurant so that they can actually have dinner with me...lol...
I truly love my job - something I never thought I would say - never ever really thought I would get back into the restaurant business but here I am...
Since the last time I posted - we have had graduation - both Kadie Dawn & Courtney graduated from high school - It was a tearful experience....to say the least - we left the next morning and went to Waco to meet my sister in law and pick up my neice who is spending a couple weeks with us this summer....
Austin hightailed it to Grandma's almost immediately after school let out :) I made him attend graduation first...lol....much to his dismay....
So lets recap the last month - prom - baccalaureate - graduation - it has been a busy one to say the least...add to that 60 - 70 a week at work for the last 3 months? holy crap i am tired.....

Got D3000 for dummies at someone's suggestion so now i am trying to learn all the cool stuff about my camera that I havent figured out yet...so look for some cool pictures soon....I hope....The owners manual that wayne told me read? I need another manual - dictionary and thesaurus just to figure it out...ughhh...
OH!! How could I forget - Austin is in Boy Scouts - hasnt been very long - a year? maybe? got elected as Sr Patrol Leader :) I am SO proud...I have pictures of that too :) just need to load them....
Ok I have to get back to work :) I have snuck away for 20 minutes to write this post and 12 people have knocked on my LOCKED office door :)
Miss you all!!


  1. I've been wanting a tattoo on my foot and now that I saw yours, I really really want one. I can't though because I have knee surgery again next thursday.

  2. Okay... I hate feet. They're icky! Thus my love of pretty socks and cute shoes... but still...


  3. Cool picture! I got my Canon almost four years ago and still need to read the manual. Where is the time?!?

  4. Cool Beans! Cool Picture! Don't be such a stranger!

  5. Just found you and wanted to say that I loved scrolling thru your blog. Hope you have a great week!

  6. I remember that pic!!

    Your working hours like I used to back in the day... I don't miss that. Though, I do miss the dinero it brought in, LOL!

    Thanks for making time to catch us up!


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