where have i been?

working my fool little tail off - thats where i have been.....

and while i was working so hard? my domain name expired...lol....had to renew it before i could update....

The girls have been keeping me so mother flippin busy i cant see straight! Add that to my brother opening a new restaurant and me only having 3 days off in a 24 day time period - then said brother SELLING the new restaurant and the new owners asking me to stay on as a manager... :) I have been a little bit swamped...

The girls baccalaureate was last Sunday night - I have pictures...

Prom was last night - have pictures of that too -

Thats all I got for now - I will update again - I promise...lol..probly sometime around graduation - or when the first grandchild is born...lol...haha just kidding... :)


  1. Good to hear from you! I'm barely managing a post a week and hardly ever commenting myself. That's life, honey - we're here to live it! :)

  2. your site was selling pickles last week I clicked on it and went...WTF? where is auntie EM...

  3. It's going around; the lack of blogging time. I'm taking Macxine on the river trip and hoping we'll finally have a wifi signal there -- so I can catch up while relaxing!

    Geeze, you don't even text anymore... Stranger! ;-)

  4. Love the girl's prom dresses. They looked beautiful.Don't be such a blogger stranger! LOL


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