My new camera :)

Here is what i got :)

This is the Nikon D3000 DX- Best Buy had a good deal with an extra lens :) I am excited! :) My family is not - I have taken 183 pictures since i walked in the door tonight at 6:30 with my new camera...They are very irritated with me...lol....I am sure they will be much more irritated with me by the weekend when i plan to take them all to the park and take more pictures :)

I have threatened the existence of ANYONE who touches my camera....


  1. I love my Nikon ~ I've had it for a few years and want to get a different lens for it as well. Cool that yours has two.

  2. I've been trying a few different cameras the past few months and still have not found one I liked. I hope you post pictures here!

  3. My buddy has a Nikon, and is an amazing photographer! He's bugging his girlfriend to buy him a four thousand dollar lens for it. LOL!

  4. So jealous! I've been wanting a Nikon.
    Have fun with your new baby. :)


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