no posts?

I just opened up my laptop to read blogs - and there are NO NEW POSTS from the last one i read from MckMama 13 hours ago? How is that possible? I am caught up? NO WAY!! Actually I really am not - but recent posts - I am all caught up on those :)

I have been knee deep in college stuff (as some of you know who are on my facebook) Looks like Kadie Dawn may be spending the summer and one semester at community college and then transferring - we will see - Her first choice is University of Oklahoma - Boomer Sooner folks - That is my preference because the monetary support from the Indian Department will help the most there - we will see - She has two options- college or the military - :) not accepting anything less from her - period.....

While researching the college stuff on the choctaw nation website - i found all sorts of programs that both my kids were eligible for since Wayne is Choctaw and has a CDIB card but we just did not know - I will definitely be taking advantage of those now - These are things we could have been using since Kindergarten - I am irritated with myself for not researching this before hand...oh well - c'est la vie....

We will be taking the kiddos next week to get their CDIB cards - have a little red tape to run thru first to get them...that will be easy peasy - just have to do it - :)

The house is so quiet right now....Wayne and Austin have gone to the firing range...Courtney is with her dad and mom - Kadie is at Nanny's - of course = any minute now? They will all be piling in the house - and it wont be quiet anymore ...lol..I have been watching Lifetime movies and doing some crockpot cooking...for the superbowl watching that will be going on today :)

I bought a sub-ring from Walmart - got some smokies in bbq sauce in the crockpot - some meatballs in raspberry chipotle sauce in another crockpot - AND hot sausage queso going in a third crockpot - :) we have chips and salsa and quacamole - we have apples and cheese and a vegetable tray - and most importantly? PAPER PLATES!!! woohooo! no dishes tonight :)

When wayne gets home - hopefully it will be soon :) We might be goign to Best Buy to get my new camera - I am so excited - I cannot even see straight :) I have wanted a DSLR for a while but just havent had the money - and I can say i probly shouldnt spend the money right now but dammit - I want it...lol...and it will be my valentines day present from my honey - so that means $ dont count right? just like there are no calories in birthday cake?

I am looking at two cameras - on is the Canon Rebel XTi and the other is the Nikon D3000 - I found a package at Best Buy on the Nikon that has two lenses - and man those lenses are expensive - lol...so i will have to make due with the two i have :-) I am goign to go look again this afternoon at my options :) and hopefully come home with one... :)

Oh no - one teenager just arrived at home - Courtney is back - which means kadie will be here soon - and then Wayne and Austin -

No Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters for the next two weeks - NONE - that is depressing ----

Ok so now Kadie is here - and Wayne just called and he and Austin will be on their way in 15 minutes or so - wooohoooo!!

Ok i am outta here - :) I hope you all have a great day where ever you are watching the game or whatever you are doing tonight - please do not drink and drive or drink and colt bash :)



  1. Have fun with the new camera. Let us know what you get and take some new pics and post. I know I see a lot of pretty pics with the Nikon. I always ask what camera took that? It was a Nikon. Good name too. But the Canons are good too. I have my little Kodak. It's done well with the zoom lens and all for what I've needed. But my next one will be something a little different.

  2. Have fun with your new camera.

  3. I would love to have a decent camera. Maybe some day. :)


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