me - playing with the camera in the car pool lane - I was actually goign to take a picture of the rainy wet skyline...

So whats going on with you?

Not much?

Same here :)

Been playing with my camera....

meet Courtney - this is Kadie & Courtney's friend who is also named Courtney :)

Yesterday my mom came over to "help me clean" and did a bunch - I also worked really hard...so hard I sprained my back...and ended up in the emergency room last night for 4 hours - they gave me several shots in my butt and sent me home with instructions to see the dr within two days - going to see the dr on Thursday...might take my camera.. :)

Kadie Dawn - thinking hard about something....not sure what -

Today I spent most of the day on the couch on my side with my knees bent - alternating between cold and hot packs.....Mom wanted to come back today - but I told her no not today - i just couldnt do it....

Courtney Elizabeth - Kadie's best friend who lives with us...trying not to cheese for the camera..and who will HATE this picture...

Austin came home fine and is now running 102 fever - mother in law brought him Nyquil and nose spray - he will be home from school tomorrow - and will most likely go to the dr with me on Thursday....and will be mortified that I am bringing my camera....lol...that part just thrills me - is it wrong? it might be - but i so dont care...lol...

Austin - he is now officially taller than me - it sucks - and he is growing up and that sucks too...

Alexander the Wonder Puppy - in his favorite spot :)

Alexander is officially sick of my camera too - every time he sees it - he goes to "his room" which is my office/gameroom....and sits in the window and wishes he could go outside...

My wonderful sweet husband - who loves me :) i love him too :) Doncha love his tattoo... :)

And finally - Wayne - the sometimes amazing (like Sunday) husband who bought me this camera for Valentines Day :) He is pretty tired of the picture taking of him too - but he hides it well :)
Until the next time - maybe tomorrow - :) toodle loo - love ya all!!


  1. I love looking at everyone's pictures that they post. I'm always walking around with my camera. When my kids see me know with it in my hand, they run and hide! LOL

  2. Ha! Ha! LOVE IT!!! Congrats on the new camera; love new toys!!!

  3. LOL...too funny.
    Hey, if he gets too annoyed, tell him you're just getting your money's worth out of the camera. :)


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