Salmon patties - better late than never :)

So as you all know i have been mia -

I have had a lot going on around here :)

Does everyone just LOVE my new blog makeover?

I do!! Stephanie did an amazing job! :)

So i promised that I would post a couple recipes in my blog so here goes and as soon as i let stephanie know that i am done? she will link that tab up top to go the page with all the recipes on it :) and you can look at it and go every recipe i have ever posted :)

ok salmon patties - this is a favorite in my house = i only make it about once a month or so....i dont know why i dont make it that often - other than it tastes really good but it stinks...lol

Salmon Patties

2 - 3 cans of alaskan salmon - (i prefer this because there are less bones)
3 eggs
1 sleeve Ritz crackers (you can also use saltines(my mother does - i use ritz because they crush finer)
4 green onions
1 jar of pimentos
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp of coarse ground black pepper

I use two bowls and a saucer to debone the salmon. Once opened - pour the salmon into a shallow bowl and look for the bone - it is usually in the center and the heavy part is at the top - split it down the center and pull out the bone - normally you can just run your finger across the inside and middle to get the "slivers" although when you cook them? you wont know they are there if you dont get them all!! but please sure you get the big pieces - I usually crumble it in my hands and grab anything i feel :) Messy but its worth it to not break a tooth = AND you can find some that has NO bones...usually just more expensive...put the deboned salmon into the second bowl where you will mix it with the rest of the ingredients...

After deboning - add 3 eggs then the sleeve of crackers - dice the green onions small and add those to the top - drain the jar of pimentos - add those to the top - add the salt and pepper and get prepared to get your hands dirty :)

dig in with both hands and mix it until it is all smooth and everything is distributed throughout - i usually get about and palm full and roll it then mash it - you should be able to see the green onions and the pimentos in every one you make :)

I use olive oil or a olive/vegetable oil blend to fry mine - thats about as healthy as it gets -

Only enough oil to cover the bottom of the skillet - cast iron works great but if you dont have it - use a nonstick skillet - heat on medium then start placing the patties in the skillet - i eyeball it - when i see the edges turning brown? I flip it - usually about 3 minutes on each side :)

This fed 6 people at my house - with green bean casserole, black eye peas and fried potatos :)

ENJOY~ let me know how you like it!!


  1. I love salmon - gonna have to try this!!

  2. My mom makes these...they're delicious.


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