We are gettin very close

to some very important birthdays :) a couple happy ones - and a couple sad ones -

I have been doing a Beth Moore bible study - Esther - It's Tough Being A Woman - and I am stuck i guess you might say -

I really have to much to do to be sitting here on the corner of my couch - i need to start dinner - i need to clean my kitchen - I need to do some laundry - but dangit - its sunday - and i dont wanna - but i have to =

Tuesday? is my baby's 40th birthday - yes folks he is younger than me - :) He will officially be old on Tuesday - and he will be at work -

Thursday would be my grandmas birthday - I sure do miss her --

and Saturday? would be my little brother Chris' birthday -


  1. Cliff is a little younger than me. We are the same age from June 16 till July 7, then I'm a year ahead of him again.

  2. I hear you on all the stuff you need to do!! I so should not be on the computer right now. I hope the 40th is happy (even though it's at work!)


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