a new look

I have a new look around here and it is AWESOME!!! and i love it! Let me know what you think & then run over to see Stephanie at Dirt & Lace Designs and she will fix you up! I have been reading Stephanie's family blog for sometime and she is also a contributing author in an all girls blog called Simply Femme. I won this blog makeover as well as a Snuggie and a $25 gift card from Borders at this blog for simply being a follower and reader. Go check everyone out!

Back to business!!

Well Olive business anyway :)

So you might have noticed that some of my links up top dont work yet - well thats because there is nothing for them to link to yet....lol....Stephanie and I are working on that :) I believe it was PLENTY that I went to bed at 1:30 but I got the last email from her at 1:49 am....Summer and Camryn better behave this morning :) mommy might be a little grouchy :)

Back to the links - I need to go back and label all the posts that i have made :) well not all of them but some of them :) the ones i want to label :)

I got nothing else this morning....lol...but i will be back later this morning or this afternoon :)

I hope you all have a wonderful morning!


  1. Steph is awesome. It looks great in here! Congrats on your big win at Simply Femme. :)

  2. Hey Kelly!! I love love love the new design. It is cute. I want one now. Hmm maybe I ought to enter some contests to win one :)

  3. oh i really like this. good job. :)

  4. Okay I learned how to grab your button and I did. Woo hoo!!

  5. Love this and already checked out her page...may have to use her services....

    Have a great one!

  6. Love the new design!! I have been thinking of revamping as well...will check out Stephanie for sure!

  7. Isn't Stephanie the best? She does such a good job. I'm going to have her make a new blog look for me to again.


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