Hell Week - I mean Homecoming week is OVER -

So is Halloween -

I will post pictures of Kadie and Michael at some point this week (other than this one)I also have pictures of Courtney and Austin and Jessica and Byonka since they all went as a group :)

I have Jury Duty in the morning - Wayne just reminded me - crap so that means I need to go to bed.....I forgot - I am so glad he reminded me - I pray I do not get picked...grrrr....I am not happy - please dont pick me please dont pick me please pick me......


  1. good luck. I have never had jury duty...

    the queen

  2. i put every illness or problem i can every think of down on those papers by time im done i get a notice the next day saying dont come lmao

  3. [Just catching up, and as I recall...you got picked.]

    Howdy and Happy Thursday!


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