I am sorry -

Saturday will mark two months that I have written in my blog....

All i can say is real life gets in the way sometimes....

And sometimes it sucks.....

Homecoming weekend was the last time I posted -

The girls got SENIOR mums this year (that almost makes me want to cry all by itself). Senior mums for those of you who dont know are almost always (in Texas) white and silver or white and gold - and sometimes if you want to be different - you put a splash of color in them :)

Kadie's splash of color? Tiffany BlueCourtney's splash of color? Camoflauge...lol

Then we had homecoming dance - on flippin halloween.....

And that brings up to November :) November brought my brother opening a new restaurant - he asked me to come in and help him train his waitstaff and make an employee handbook - which led to - will you come be an additional manager/do the books/payroll/schedule kind of person - which i agreed to - since we all remember that i quit my job in a tizzy in October - so no sweat - here i come bubba what do you need me to do - our agreement was that i would help out till after the new year - well it is after the new year and i am done - so back to being a housewife for me :) everything is up and running and for sale - cause thats what my brother does - he builds gets it running good - then sells it for a hefty profit :)

Thanksgiving? we had the whole family at our house for dinner just like the last 6 years since Chris died - We had Rory and Diana and Chrissy - my gorgeous neice Gloria and her cute boys Gavin and Zane - my mom and dad - Ms Merle - a family friend -my best friend Cassey - me wayne kadie austin and courtney -

A few days after Thanksgiving? Courtney's dad went into the hospital to have a tumor removed from his throat - it turned out to be cancerous and wrapped around his voice box and his lymph nodes - he is still in the hospital - Courtney spent Thanksgiving - Christmas and New Years with just like she is ours - it will be at least another 3 weeks to a month before he gets to come home - he just came out of ICU 2 days ago and went into a regular room yesterday...It has been a long trying month for her - and she hasnt seen him hardly at all because they would not let her into ICU to see him - and her stepmom didnt want her to see him like that because he was sedated because he was so combative - not a good patient at all - lol

December brought Christmas - didnt get my tree up on Thanksgiving like I ALWAYS do - half my ornaments and decorations are still in the attic - GASP - I did not even get my carousel up like i have every year for the last 5 - i just never had the time between the restaurant and the kids and the hospital and keeping up with everyone and everything -as a matter of fact? i put up a (sssshhhhhh..please dont tell anyone) fake tree - folks it almost killed me...but yes i put up my fake tree in the living room - and didnt get it decorated? until christmas eve...

The girls went caroling with the french club and yes they sang in french to raise money for toys for tots - they also collected money all year for Youth Against CAncer and took that money and bought toys for the children at Childrens Medical Center in Dallas - Austin made the front page of the Dallas Morning News with his scout troop - they went to an overpass well known for homeless with the Dallas PD and passed out sweaters coats - hats - gloves and socks for those in need then headed to a local shelter in Dallas to pass out toys with "santa" - it really touched all 3 of their hearts and thankfully it is something they do every year -

Wayne and I actually went Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve at 1 in the afternoon - armed with a list of stores and exactly what we needed from that store and a map of where we were going and in what order we were going there -- we found everything we needed on our list and we went home - and then headed to my inlaws almost an hour late for Christmas Eve with them....but we made it :)

Christmas morning - we had santa at home and then the whole crowd from Thanksgiving came to our house for Christmas dinner - my daddy didnt feel like coming which upset me but i handled it well - he told wayne he "just wasnt up to it" - which means he is and has been sicker than he lets on -

Rory and I bought mom and dad a new tv for Christmas - Daddy loved it - mom hates it - par for the course - Wayne and Rory went over and hooked it up for them - i think we might maybe have 2 more christmas's with daddy - dont know how i will handle that - it wont be pretty - he is in bad shape - which is hard for me to admit but i know its true -

New Years Eve - i sat at home and watched tv and folded laundry - at 1205 i told everyone happy new year and went to bed - New Years Day? we had Cassey, Michael "(kadies bf),Steven (one fo the girls friends) and my mother in law (since father in law was hunting) over for ham - peas - cabbage - corn and rolls - mashed potatos - it was yummy and quiet - we all ate then napped the rest of the day away :) it was great - very peaceful =

OH we did get some snow - not much but we got a little and while we were getting snow? my son left the day after Christmas for a 6 day tent camping trip with his scout troop - they came back on new years eve - he had fun and we had quiet for a week :) he got 3 merit badges while there and several "something-something manships" - I dont know what they are called...lol..will find out at award night...lol...

Today? I took Courtney back to the hospital to see her daddy - he is looking pretty rough - cant talk - as they removed his voice box - they will be putting in a synthetic voice box when his throat heals a little more - I stayed in the waiting room for most of the visit and cleaned out my purse..lol...i knew they needed some privacy - or rather she would want some - and her stepmom would not stray far i knew - so i waited until he asked about me to go in and say hi.

Tomorrow? Fish fry at my inlaws - :) no cooking for me again - of course i have cooked enough in the last 6 weeks for anyone to be sick of it...lol - thats all i got for now - lol


  1. Well you act as if you've been busy or something! LOL Glad you're back to posting, missed ya, you haven't even been on FB as much so I feel completely out of touch with you!

  2. I missed you! I sent you an email invite to my private blog a few days ago. Check me out.

  3. Missed you bunches!! So glad to see an update.

    Keeping Courtney's dad in my prayers..as well as the whole family...I know how cancer takes a toll on everyone emotionally.

    You have been one busy bee...I have been posting on my blog the last few months, but not reading hardly at all...trying to change that this year... I miss everyone so much!


  4. Boy, you HAVE been busy!! Glad the holidays were joyful for the most part. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Nice to see you back...I am as well....stop by :)

    you haven't been busy at all now have you?

  6. I wondered where you'd been!

    Now I know...BUSY! LOL

    So glad the holidays were, for the most part, good for you and your family.

    Happy 2010!


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