I am currently

dying a horrible slow death of "whatever my family had" -

Just so everyone knows? I want to buried where I live and I want two songs specifically played at my funeral - Amazing Grace and In My Life/If We Never Meet Again by Selah played at my funeral -

They can play anything else they choose - but those two are a must :)

This is the beginning of hell week at my house -

Monday night - was a 3 hour step practice
Tuesday night (tonight) was homecoming parade -
Wednesday night - Homecoming bonfire
Thursday night? - I dont know but it is something
Friday? pep rally and senior cookout and football game
Saturday - Homecoming dance and Halloween

The girls have their dresses - and their shoes - and their jewelry and Thursday I will order corsages for courtney and a bouitteneire for Austin - This is his first high school dance and i just might cry :)

Someday this week - not sure when but I have no choice - I have to start on the girls homecoming mums and plus i have a few to make for regular customers....

I have to pause the dying business first.....

If I am not better tomorrow I am going to the doctor on Thursday morning bright and early....


  1. Here's hoping (and praying) you get better in record time.

  2. Hey Kelly, don't go dying on us now, I just got caught up with ya. Sorry to hear you've all be sick. I hope you feel better soon.


  3. Of course the ick comes at the time that is the worst. Somehow it knows. Good luck with everything this week - maybe get to the doctor today...?

  4. Hope your'e feeling better now!

  5. Hope you are feeling better! We had the flu earlier this fall. The last one to get it gets it worse!


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