Yes I am unemployed...

Long Story Short? ( I know, right? How is that even possible with me?)

I was out all but two days last week including the Saturday I was scheduled to work for Cassey because she was sick - and I was out because I had a house full of sick people (i still do).

Monday morning I came into the office at 8:55 am and she asked me if i had my credit repair reports ready for our meeting...
  1. hmmm I was out for 4 days last week -
  2. I'm thinking NOT.
  3. We have these RIDICULOUS meetings EVERY morning at 9 am where we go over our spreadsheets with each other and catch everyone up to speed -
  4. Acutally what happens is we all sit and wait for our turn for her to tear us down in front of everyone else in the office for at least an hour.
  5. Ten minutes after the meeting is over? She starts asking what we have accomplished for the morning....
Anyway - I said Nope....and looked at her kinda funny...
And she said?

"Why dont you just go home - I dont think I can use you today"

So I picked up my purse and my keys and my fountain pepsi and I left -

End of story... :)

Even tho I only worked from 9 - 2? Every flippin minute was accounted for = CRAZY - I would never leave work at 2 - it was always at least 2:15 and sometimes 3:15 - always SOMETHING she needed me to do - Just one more thing - Just one more thing....When I left = I had to go home and let the dog out - get wayne off to work - then go start my carpool - which put me back home around 4:30 or 4:45 - then IF we have NO afterschool/early evening activities - which we actually do every day of the week - I can stay home and cook dinner but I am usually driving all over - for billiards - youth in government - step - or something equally important @@ -

And let me tell you the freedoms that quitting my job has afforded me :)

  • I was able to stay home all week and take care of my husband and son who have been sick with FLU all week long - couldnt do that if i had to work - although yesterday I was ALMOST wishing I had a job...lol
  • I can load my dishwasher and pick up my living room in like the first hour of the morning and be done for the day except for laundry :)
  • I have the freedom to talk to ANYONE I want on the phone anytime I want -even my family....
  • Oh and when my kids school calls? I can go pick them up if I need to without being made to feel like I am abandoning my job duties...
  • I can finally get caught up on my FARM in FARMVILLE on Facebook (cause that is SO important!) Got to get those artichokes harvested :) Saving up for a pink tractor :)
  • I can go to the doctor on Friday morning at 9:15 and have all my lab work redone that I have needed to do for the last 6 months and get all my medications recalibrated and get rid of some of them I dont think I need with my new/old doctor that i am returning to :)
  • I can have dinner cooked and on the table by 6 pm like a normal family! 'cept we are not really normal...lol..but we try....well i try - wayne tries - austin tries - Kadie and Courtney dont want to be normal...
  • I can stay up till 1 am writing a post on my blog because after i take the kids to school? I can come home and take a morning nap with my husband who works nights and I never get to share a bed with him anymore except on Sundays!
So yeah! I am glad that I quit....It was time - She was on my nerves - I was on her nerves - It was definitely time to part the ways....It was time 5 months ago when I changed her ring tone for the office line AND her cell and home numbers to "Take This Job & Shove It"....

Cassey still works there - and she is much better by the way - thank you to those of you who asked! She is going back to work tomorrow :)

And that is enough about my previous job :)

moving on to happy stuff!

You will see lots more posts from me :) Arent you all so excited??


  1. Ehhhh... who needs jobs anyways? She sounds like a major biotch. And you can get your crops harvested now, which is way more important. ;)

  2. Yes actually I AM excited! ROFL to the ring tones btw!! I have to tell you I'm totally impressed you stayed there and dealt with her crap for as long as you did!

    I've missed you girl!

  3. You go girl. Now get to Farmtown(or is it ville.. or both?) and get your plants harvested and get yo-self a pink tractor!

  4. You crack me up Kelly...from the ringtones to having time for Farmville...LMAO! I'm glad you actually have time to sleep with your honey some now though, I know that means alot!


  5. Can't say I blame you one little bit, doll.

    Yay for SAHM's! :)


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