So it has been 1 month and 8 days since I made a post...

The only excuse I have is that I have been completely crazy out of my mind busy....

Then there is the little detail that my charger for my laptop went out 3 weeks ago and we had to order another one....it took 3 weeks to get it because the first company we ordered from had it on backorder...grrrrr....

It has been crazy around here...

Kadie Dawn turned 18 - how crazy is that? and I was forced to endure a horrible concert that was masquerading as music....but the girls had so much fun AND they got to do a meet and greet after the concert.... I wore Wayne's gun range ear plugs the entire time...lol...

I had planned to do a post celebrating Kadie's birthday but I just couldnt get to it....

Homecoming is coming up in two weeks and we have still not shopped for Homecoming dresses nor have i started on the girls Senior mums....for homecoming....sigh....I have so much to do...

I have not read a blog in over a month....

This morning?

I quit my job....

Wayne is the only one who knows right now only because he was the only one home this morning...when i got home....

I haven't told Cassey yet because she is at home sick....I took her to the emergency room on Wednesday night and she has bronchitis and pneumonia - she should be back at work tomorrow I think but we will see....I wont be :)

On top of quitting my job AND homecoming coming up in two weeks we also have college day at Texas A & M Commerce on October 31 @ 8:30 am - college day at Tarleton on November 7 @ 8:00 am - and then Sooner Saturday @ University of Oklahoma (wooohooo) on November 21 - OU is Kadie and Courtney's first choice so we will see... :)

I am off to pick up children from school - Austin has billiards club practice today - the girls have a movie to watch after school for extra credit and then Kadie has Youth In Government at 6:30 - this is my life..... **sigh**

I hope to get all caught up soon :) please be patient with me while I make all the rounds to the blogs...i have been so bad about them lately - I have NO idea whats goign on in ANYONES life unless it was posted on Facebook because I have THAT on my iphone....lol


  1. Well, I'm just glad you made it through the concert alive! The ear-plugs comment made me laugh. And holy cripes, woman you have a lot going on!

  2. Well it's about time woman! Glad you got your charger, 3 weeks is insane! AND up details on quitting. Ok I know your boss was awful, so had you just had enough or what? I WANT details! Oh and I can not believe Kadie is 18, not possible!

  3. I'm with Christy...details woman! Cassey will shit when she finds out you done up and quit and left her in the dust...LOL Hope she feels better soon and Wayne and Austin!
    Glad the girls had a awesome time at the concert! I haven't read many blogs in a few months...written here and there ...hoping with winter coming...I will get back in the bloggin routine.


  4. THREE WEEKS? I would have had to drive to Houston to the Apple store. I could never, EVAH go 3 weeks. You mi'Lady are strong. :-D

    Quit the YOB? Are you happier for it? (You don't need to answer that) ;-)

    What happened to Homecoming being around Valentines? When did they speed it all up, for gracious sake...

    Hang tight! FB me, TXT me, and when you get around to it, BLOG me.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Hey Kelly!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words and help!!! It really means a lot to me!!! I agree, one day at a time. Thats pretty much been my mantra since this started. Just in "baby" form with one step at a time... lol. Anywho, it all really does mean so much that you care and are concerned!!! =)

  6. I'm sure you had good reasons to quit your job. Are you going to look for another one? If so, I wish you luck.

    Sounds like you're going to be really busy. Hope your daughter feels better.

  7. I'm sure your reasons were good for quitting...I know that job has been trying to you for awhile now.

    It's good to hear from you!


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