More on unemployment...

Additional benefits:

  1. I can stay in my pjs and not put a bra on unless I HAVE to get out of the car for some reason.
  2. I can play scrabble on XBOX LIVE all morning long in my pj's with my husband helping me and kick booty with those other people whose spouse is not home - cause two big brains is always better than one :)
  3. I can peruse web pages of my favorite places in my pj's all day long....
  4. I can get a jump on Christmas shopping in my pjs and never have to leave my house ....
  5. I can look at Gary Rith Pottery and plan Christmas presents without any guilt :) in my pj's....
Are you catching the PJ's theme here? I really need to go take a shower :) too bad I have to take my pj's off to do that...lol


  1. hmmmm....wish I was still in my pj's :(

    glad to see you back.....I'm not, but do check on you and others.....

  2. Yes but here's the beauty of this all, after you take your shower and get clean so I'm not smelling you all the way from Texas to Germany.....you can get BACK into your pj's! LOL

  3. I love pj days.. will they ever let me wear my pj's and take my glas of gin and tonic.. to work? We have blue jean day on Friday.. I vote the school change that to gin and tonic pj day... then.. I"m in.. so in..

    Sorry you are having these probs... hang in there.. and.. get that damn kitchen clean..

  4. Real clothes are highly overrated anyway.

  5. I'm jealous...I wanna say in my PJ's all day everyday too! :)~



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