blah blah blah blah blah blah going out of town

  1. Its another bullet day :)

  2. We are going out of town tomorrow morning @ the a$$ crack of dawn - headed to Farmer's wife part of Texas for a family wedding :)

  3. Wayne's sister is getting married on Saturday evening - I am excited about the wedding :) excited about the reception - excited about the dinner/dance happening at the reception - and the fact that i MIGHT get to dance with my husband :) maybe - depends on the amount of beer he consumes and how good his mood is :) He DOES NOT dance...lol...

  4. Still have to find a dress for the wedding - in brown - i do have some dress capris that are really pretty so i might just need to find a blouse-

  5. I am driving in the morning.....stay off 35 north uhhh i mean south - mmmm see? maybe wayne doesnt want me to drive...lol..of course he will be sleeping the whole way - cause we are leaving as soon as he pulls in the driveway.....
  6. I started this post at work earlier today like in the morning hours of work and never posted it...lol..at this point I am knee deep in laundry and packing and cleaning....yeah....
  7. Look for tweets and blog posts from my phone all weekend :)


  1. Have a great time at the wedding! My boys are going camping... yay girls rule!
    Lisa in KY

  2. Have a great time! ..drive safe ;) ..and get Wayne WASTED! I wanna see a move be busted :)

    lots of love doll :)

  3. Have an awesome time!! I hope you get to dance with Wayne - get that guy drunk! Be careful driving.

    PS - Love the new look!

  4. have a good time and i hope you and hubby get to dance that would be adorable

  5. Have a great time. Just keep filling up your hubby's drink! He'll be dancing in no time! LOL

  6. Awww...have a great time at the wedding. Make that husband of yours dance with you, darnit! :)

  7. Hey, sounds like fun! I hope y'all don't get a lot of traffic! That's a good idea, keep on bringing your hubby drink after drink and pretty soon, he'll be up and dancing! Have a SAFE TRIP!

  8. Hope ya'll had a blast...and hope you have pics to share! You sound like me at weddings...I get excited most about getting to dance with Jeff, like Wayne only if he is drunk enough...HAHA Jeff doesn't dance either...unless the mood is right and he is intoxicated...LOL

    Congrats to the newlyweds!


  9. Hey Chica? Donde estas? ;-) Happy Tuesday!

  10. Sounds like a fun & very busy weekend! Have a great time!


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