Sick Sick Sick and Tired of Soup

Well I am still not sick although I am feeling a little run down - since everyone in my house is sick....

Kadie was the last to fall and I picked her up from school with 102 fever -

I went to the doctor this morning to check my meds and do new labwork -

here is the list of my medications - woohooo - are ya ready?

Cymbalta - 1 x a day
Flexeril - every 8 hours ( I take this as needed tho according to drs orders)
Celebrex - 2 x a day for rheumatoid arthritis
Mobic - 1 x a day for arthritis pain
Lisinipril - 2 x a day for high blood pressure
Ambien - 1x a day at bedtime
Klonopin - as needed for anxiety
Crestor - 1 x a day for cholestorol

Now the reason I went in to have my meds checked is because it has been over a year since I have had new labs....

I used to go to Dr. Bob but for one reason or another - we used a different dr and I liked him so I stayed - This Dr was Dr. H - well Dr H was GREAT! only after 4 years he left the office I was seeing him in - and my husband HATED that dr's office....and refused to go back because of the wait time - I grew accustomed to it although I didnt like it....however when Dr H left = Dr M just continued to refill my meds without checking any of it or doing new labs....

So I went to Dr. Bob to have it all checked and get new labwork done....Got that done plus got two shots in my butt for allergies and to keep me from getting this flu that my family has so generously bestowed upon me :) He gave me a referral for an arthritis pain management dr....

So lets see today? I have taken Kadie to school - gone to the dr. - picked Kadie up from school - came home - napped - went and bought bootsburgers for everyone - watched Merle Haggard live in concert at Billy Bobs on HDNET Concert channel and now I am watching a Bad Company concert filmed this month :)

Trying to decide what to do for dinner because if i see ONE more bowl of soup I am goign to SCREAM -

I hope you all have a great day -

By the way I am considering starting a new blog - that has nothing to do with me really but with life outside the olive jar :)

I am starting a work at home job next week for a website and i will reveal all that when it comes to fruition....lol...dont wanna jinx it......

Catch ya later - I think I am going to take another nap :)


  1. Unemployed Kelly is way fun because she blogs a lot!

  2. How old are you again with all those meds! hehe! I'm loving you blogging all the time! You acted as if you were busy or something!

  3. Hope your labs come back good...

    I want that concert channel!


  4. Hope your bloodwork was all normal. :)



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