Flashback Music Friday

Ok so I think i might do this every Friday and you follow along :)

This is one of my alltime favorite songs - it came out in 1974 and i was 6 years old and I sang it all the time... :)

If you decide to post a video of one of your favorite songs from the past be it the 50's 60's 70's or even 80's and 90's if you are really young :) Post a link to your blog and I will randomly draw a linky number with random generator and send you a $10 gift card to ITunes or Napster - your choice! :) You have until midnight Sunday night :) Show me what you like folks!


  1. I did it.. I'm in... but...I'm old... very very old.. and... it's old... very very old..

  2. I played girl, taking it back to 1982! :)

  3. Here is my link: ladykat68.blogspot.com


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