Just got home from the emergency room AGAIN

Just got home from taking Steven to the emergency room - Steven is not my child but one of the many that call me "mom" -

He moved out at the beginning at the year...and it is his senior year....

He called tonight and had 103 fever - chills and body aches and pain -

Here we go again.....

I called his dad because he is still on his insurance and Steven is only 17 (not the only reason - I would have calledd him anyway when they took him back but they said they could not treat him till his parent was there...) - his dad came - showed lots and lots of concern - was very worried and stomped his feet till someone came to see his only son and get him taken care of - and he is a big man and stomping his feet makes lots of noise.... Git R Done -

I left about 20 minutes after he got there - after I made sure he was going to stay and take care of him - i didnt truly question that he would - but after the typical 16 and 17 year old "stories" - you just gotta check your facts...and be sure ....

They just texted and said he was on his way home with tamiflu - and no work or school for 3 days....

Sigh.....I am done - this flu is kicking my butt and I dont even have it and have managed to stay away from it so far...

GermX people - Lysol - bleach - Lots of it! by it in bulk...you do NOT want this CRAP....I need a drink dammit.....


  1. Poor kid! I'm glad to hear his dad came to the ER.

    Bath yourself in lysol! LOL

  2. Ah, poor kid. Lucky to have someone like you around - keep yourself healthy!

  3. only 3 days huh, around here they are quarantining kids for 10 days! love the layout too!

  4. Hope he feels better soon!

    Glad you took him and his dad showed up and stayed with him....



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