**Friday Morning Music**

I love this song...This is considered "Texas Country" which basically means we hear them in EVERY local bar around and on the Front Porch Radio for 10 years before they actually make it big...(IE : PAT GREEN) and by the time they make it big? We here in Texas are sick to death of em :) This guy has a gravelly badboy voice and is pretty badboy looking with his long stringy hair and slanty eyes.. :-) and this is just such an ANGRY slam the kitchen doors and dance around the dining room singing at the top of your lungs song :=) **not that I have ever done that or anything**


  1. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. I could get alot done with that song playing over and over! I like it! Take care and enjoy your weekend ahead.

  3. Another reason I should live in TX ... love the music!!

    I feel like my Pat Green has sold out after hanging with Kenny to long. What do you think?



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