I have 40 more minutes at work and figured I would use the time appropriately! :)

How much more appropriate can it be? to blog since I havent had time all week?

I have been too busy all week to blog one single time at work this week - how crazy is that!!! They expect me to work here!

imagine that -

and to top it all off? you all know cassey?

she walked the hell out on Tuesday - told the boss to kiss her butt - (not that nicely) *f off* (with the vowels) and fax it your damn self as she picked up her purse and left -

So now i have to get back to work -


  1. I think I love Cassey...she is so my style... I love the whole fax it to yourself... I never used that one.. but I will..

  2. Ugh. I really hate it when they expect me to work at work. It is totally annoying. I have young children at home! I do not have time to blog at home. Damn kids.

  3. Wowza lol have a good Friday dear! Cass


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