Friday's Bullet Entry

I am goign to make todays entry a bullet entry SINCE -

  1. I will be adding to it all day -

  2. I never know what I might think of during the day -

  3. You never when the boss is goign to send me into a tail spin :-)

Enjoy my Friday with me -

  • Today is PayDay!!! whooooohoooooo!
  • Some customers - grrrr - if they had been my children? I probably would have beat them senseless - not really but good lord! Everybody has a little bit of common sense - please....
  • It is a pain in the butt to get a permit to MOVE a doublewide WITHOUT the serial numbers...no let me rephrase that - it is IMPOSSIBLE!
  • side note - you CANT get a permit to move a doublewide without the serial numbers and this one is just coming off the line - :) and just so ya know? Hard to move a doublewide in the rain too :)
  • My boss is a NUT - a NUT I tell ya!
  • I heart country music - I do I tell ya!
  • My boss is looney! looney i tell ya! LOONEY!
  • I love to hear Brad Paisley sing Gospel Music - just love it!
  • It is getting close to lunch time...
  • I am hungry


  1. I think I'm gonna be a copycat and do this today too! (And YES to BP and gospel music! He should do a whole album like Alan did!)


  2. gotta say "heck ya" to payday and brad paisley. everytime i hear him sing "farther along" i cry!

  3. I like this idea - Will check back to see what eles is going on! Take care and enjoy!

  4. Anyone who is writing LOONEY! is feeling a little better :-). Get something to eat.~Mary

  5. LOL...you're so cute. :)

    Is it bad that I hate country music? Hate it, I tell ya? LOL



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