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I have decided that i really dont want to talk about my week in Arizona in such a public forum...but suffice it to say I was hurt and whether it was intentional or not - I dont know and at this point dont want to know - Brother 2 seemed to do everything to include me in most decisions - Brother 1 didnt seem to care one way or the other and stepmom kept talking about how important Dad's boys and his granddaughters were to him with no mention of me - his oldest daughter or my two children - one of whom being his only grandson - I know Dad loved me and his grandkids so i will just let it go cause sometimes you just gotta choose your battles...Dad had a couple of policys for my kids and it was made plain to me that if they were to be kept up - that it would not be by her but by me if I chose to...Brother 2 will be sending me the policies...

This is the slideshow/video that my cousin made with dads pictures...The only picture of me in this video is of the weekend I met my dad for the first time in 13 years and we were at his brothers house... Forgive the hairdo...it was the 80's..lol...

Amazing Grace is/was one of dad's favorite songs...


  1. I'm sorry to hear it went like that, love. But you're right...you know your dad loved you and truly, that's all that matters.

    The slideshow was wonderful. And I didn't think your hair looked so bad! :)


  2. Your stepmom probably acted like that because she sees you as a threat. Even after she married and raised two sons, YOU were his first child, and SHE wasn't your mom. I suppose you could look at the whole thing and feel flattered - after all those years, she still feared YOU were first in your Daddy's heart. Big Hugs, Kell

  3. I sure he would not be happy with their behavior so hold on to that. Some folks are just plain mean, especially during their grief. And totally agree with Kath's comments.


  4. I find at times like this some people due to shock or just outright heartbreak behave much differently than they should. I know that does not ease the pain if you were mistreated, but I think it may have been more about their personal problems, than having anything to do with you. I am still so very sorry.

  5. very poignent. you have my prayers.

  6. I'm thinking there is a back story to this that i need to catch up on. I am very, very sorry for your loss- however.

  7. i'm sorry that an already difficult time was made more so by difficult people :(

  8. You know Kelly, in the end all that matters is that you know your Dad loved you. Don't let the smallness of other people tarnish that. Actually, they should be pitied, just imagine how small their hearts and lives must be if they feel they need to diminish someone else. I feel so bad for you.

  9. I just hate when people act like that during a time like that. I'm sorry you and your kids were treated that way.

    Sending you hugs.

  10. Hey Kelly,

    Thank you for coming by and I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Losing a parent sucks hard no matter how old you are. I'm sorry you are also dealing with the stress of added family drama.

    Like you said, you know how much he loved you and your kids - and that matters.

  11. Love the picture of you with your dad... hold onto those memories...
    sorry it was a hard time... these kinds of things are hard enough without all the other. I also have to mention I have an award for you in my journal entry entitled "Eight Cool Blogs"... if you all ready have been given this award sorry for the repeat but you deserve it! Stop by anytime to pick it up. Prayers!! God Bless,
    Lisa in KY

  12. Sending love and blessings to you. At least you have a good perspective on their actions!

  13. Baby, you just have to remember people are hurting and act strange. I'm not making any excuses.. but this was a shock to all of you.

    When Cletus's Mother died they totally forgot about Cletus's oldest son when they put the pictures up.. they didn't mean too..and rushed home and got some..

    Hang in there kiddo..

  14. So sorry you were treated in such a way especially during such a difficult and trying time in your life...

    Loved the video



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