Friday's Bullet Entry Pt 2

You could not pay me ANY amount of money to do this mans job...

  • truck is too big
  • house is big
  • space between houses in too SMALL to fit the big truck and big house
  • I was on the porch with my umbrella cringing everytime he got close to one of the other flippin houses...
  • He did it!
  • AND he got both sides in where they belong...
  • Holy Cow - I dont know how!
  • Boss is still Looney -
  • It is however still payday - and that makes me smile :)
  • I couldnt tell you how much I have gotten accomplished today..cause it really wasnt much - I did work hard but it seems like I didnt get ENOUGH done!
  • I am not working tomorrow :)
  • I am sleeping in! :)
  • Woohooo for the weekend!


  1. Hey...you can't use bullet entries. That is my format when I'm tired. You can't have it. lol Just kidding. Have a great evening. Bullet points are great!

  2. Wow! I would have hit everything!

  3. That's crazy. I pride myself on being a good parallel parker - but that's another several layers!!

    Enjoy the sleeping in. How old do my kids have to be before I get to do that again?

  4. I'm with you, Kelly...no way would I attempt to drive that thing. Good job, Driver!

    And I loooove the idea of sleeping late...I think I will too.

  5. Whoo HOO for the weekend is right! Though, I'm beckoned every three minutes by Lil'Gal to join her in her movie night celebration. I love Tinkerbell and am happy she has her own full screen movie -- but, Mama needs a Friday night party too...LOL!

    That kinda' truck driving and backin' up a trailer is a true talent. Though, the longer the trailer, the less the jack-knife - per overheard curses when backing in small trailers! LOL!

    Glad to have ya back but get some rest and a nice, peaceful weekend.

  6. Yeah I don't think I could have even watched the truck! Enjoy sleeping in, or are you up yet? I doubt it! LOL

  7. I get heart palpitations just looking at that picture!



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