Thursdays are a little slow...

So today is Thursday and I have not posted since Monday I believe and then it was about Kadie's hair...which by the way is back to her normal color (thank goodness)....

by the way those of you who said "love the red" It SO was not red...that was a cell phone camera pic and her hair was ORANGE...it jsut looked red in the pic.....

Her nanny (waynes stepmom) came over at the last minute and fixed it for her...and she texted me at like 4:30 and said -dancing round the bathroom nekkid because my hair is normal again- .....yeah that was a TMI even for mom but I am SO glad it is back to normal color...lol..

the date? I dont know how it went really other than first dates are awkward....

here are the plusses for the boy...

  • he is cute..
  • he has a job...
  • he came to the door...
  • he immediately went to wayne and introduced himself to him
  • wayne asked where they were goign and he gave him details...
  • I said please drive safe and he said "Always ma'am" ( i could have done without the maam but eh...)
  • he was a perfect gentleman according to Kadie..opened doors and everything...
  • he had her home 1 1/2 hours before curfew


  1. LOL Yeah, dumb boys are not so fun to be around. I mean, MAYBE if he was dumb, but funny it could be overlooked. Maybe.

    If I were her, I wouldn't have walked him to his car either. Well, scratch that. I would walk out with him and stood on the porch and waved him goodbye. But she ain't stupid ... she knew he would go for the kiss if she walked him to his car!!



  2. Awww, a date!!!! How sweet! A little scary, but sweet! I have about ten more years before I hit this -- I hope. Well, ten on the daughter, eight or nine on the son.

  3. i never got the 2nd date to be nice thing...i mean isn't the nice part not leading them on? but mr. right had a girl he went out on 4 or 5 dates with (a few months before we met) just so he wouldn't hurt her feelings.

  4. I think that list of plus attributes for the boy makes him worthy of a second date! Maybe she can text him and tell him she had a nice time and then he will gain courage to ask her out again. So glad to hear she was able to go back to her normal color without any trouble. Hugs,

  5. Awwww it's a shame the date didn't work out :( He does seem to have a few plus points ;) lol

  6. Dumb is not good! LOL Of course is that "dumb" as in 16 yr old girl dumb or Momma Dumb. Big difference! Was the boy just beyond nervous? Hmmmmm interesting! LOL

    I never did the one more date to be nice either. Of course I wasn't a very nice girl either! ROFL Once sassy, always sassy! LOL

  7. glad the hair is fix, sorry the date sucked but glad he was a gentleman

  8. Well...that date doesn't sound so awful. But I'm with Kadie...I can't do dumb. Just drives me crazy! LOL

    But...sometimes on first dates, guys are nervous and don't act like themselves, so maybe another chance would be a good thing. If he calls, that is. :)

    Glad her hair is back to normal! ;)

  9. awww to be young again, but I am glad I don't have to do the dating game..it sucks out there lol.

  10. maybe he was so nervous it came across as clueless. But i am glad she got to go on the date and that he was a gentleman. and I think it is smart of Kadie to give him one more chance if he calls.
    take care and hugs

  11. I think she should 2nd chance him....what would it hurt. A free movie & dinner...yep...sure would.

    then she can say GOODBYE at the door. hehe..

    Oh. hey..my son received his permit to drive today....OMGosh....start praying ok?

  12. Glad Kadie got her hair back to normal...I know that made her day...sorry the date didn't go that great...but like some of the others said maybe he was just a little nervous...but you usually can trust your gut feeling on knowing if there is anything there upon first meeting and going out with them...lol


  13. Hey lady!! I know, I really suck at this finding people on blogger! Glad you did!
    I will stalk you now, ;)! Oh and BTW I LOVE your middle, it truly rocks!
    Tricia DAWN

  14. It amuses me to think what a help texting would have been in my dating years!!! :)

  15. Texting her Momma while out on a date. That's cool you all are close like that but it had to hurt his self esteem major. I couldn't stand boys my own age. Heck. I still don't. Girls mature so much faster. I'd give him a second chance. I would think all the texting might have made him just a little bit off like question himself and feel insulted. Coming home early to play wasn't a good sign either. He wasn't mature enough. She's such a smart girl. She didn't go because she didn't want to kiss him. HA don't blame her.

    Thank you for the follow up. I am SOOO glad her hair is back to normal.


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