Thrift Store Finds last weekend

So apparently I am quite behind...lol..

Eventually I will catch up...

I am goign to make it my goal this weekend to get all caught up on blogs and make a few makeup posts...I have several "awards" out there that I have not even acknowledged yet...I will get to them this weekend I promise...

This past weekend we headed out to the thrift store again..

Me Cassey Shellye and Kadie Dawn....

This was my haul....

I got 6 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots...all like new...5 blouses, 6 pairs of pants, 2 denim skirts,2 dresses, a formal for my daughter, a red WOOL pea coat, and 2 skirt and blouse sets...and I spent guess what? $87.00.. :) Oh and I also got 3 brand new board games, 6 books and 2 purses one of which was for my mom because it was monogrammed with her initials... :) I am wearing one of my outfits at work today...

That was only ONE thrift store we went to two of them...both Goodwill....


  1. Dang woman, awesome deals! I am liking the new blog layout!!! Cute!!

  2. Good deal! I love Goodwill, it's my favorite thrift store here!!!

  3. gotta love shopping and good prices

  4. I was just telling my husband I NEED to go to Goodwill and look for "props" for a studio I want.

    Sounds like you got some great deals. :-)


  5. Hey girlie.. love the layout.. love the bargains.. love the thrift shops... and you do have an award at my house.. go grab it..

  6. Love the layout...

    Awesome deals...makin me wanna go to our Goodwill...I haven't been in awhile...



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