So Kadie decided she wanted to be blonde...and most of you have seen a picture of my beautiful daughter...SHE SO should not be blonde...

But everyone is entitled to make a few mistakes and my child? she made one :)

She asked Shellye to do it...Shellye said nope...not gonna mess up your hair...She asked Vette to do it...Vette said nope not gonna mess up your hair...She asked Cassey...Cassey waffled a bit and then finally said ok but I am SO not responsible when it turns out funky...and your parents have to say it is ok...

Wayne said yes...

I was on the fence..but hey again everyone is entitled one really bad hair situation...lesson learned....

Kadie has beautiful straight dark brown hair...those of you who have to use a chi every morning would hate her and her gorgeous hair..

Cassey bleached it...it turned every shade on the spectrum from yellow to orange all the way down her back with the top being bright funky yellow...she almost cried....

We put the color on it? It turned orange....

Now no school today so normally it would not have been that big of an issue...here is where the issue comes in...lol...

I went to CVS on Saturday night to get auburn for my hair to cover my grey.... Got 6 of them because they were 2 for $5....I also got 8 shampoo and conditioners because they were on sale for 77 cents each.

Anyway at the register the young man behind the counter (we go there alot!) asked me to give Kadie his phone number...she was babysitting for my brother...so the next day I told her that I had a phone number for her from said young man (Zac).

She had already decided to be blonde...

Kadie called him and left a voice mail...

Meanwhile back in the kitchen.....Hair is not going well...

She decides against blonde and decides to go red...we go BACK to CVS - her with 4 different colors in her hair - and GUESS who is working?

Kadie went straight to the hair dye and I went to the counter to exchange what we had...I went to the hair dye and warned her that he was there with her looking like a rainbow head...and she said I want these two and SPRINTED out the door...She went so fast that the automatic door did not open until she put her hands on it and almost fell down (hehehehehe)....IN the meantime she had given me her cell number to give him...

He was gone from counter...because he WENT OUTSIDE to talk to her...

after much LAUGHTER...we got home....(we only live like 5 blocks away)...when we got home? he called her and asked her to go out with him tonight on a date....He is picking her up at 6:45 and they are goign to a movie and dinner....

This story was SO funny to me? I wrote a song about it :)

Please sing the song below to the tune of the Brady Bunch Theme Song (hehehehe)


Here's the story of a girl named Kadie...

Who was considering the idea of going blonde....

Kadie was born with hair like chocolate, like her mother,

Only hers was straight.

Here's the story of a boy named Zac

Who was busy with his job at the drugstore -

He gave his number to Kadie's mother

On one of her trips there for shampoo..

Mom gave the number to Kadie

And she knew that Kadie would be thrilled..

And that these two would go out on a date

Thats how they came to a movie and dinner at 7 pm...

And Kadie almost had to go with orange hair...

That's the way we all became the orange haired fixers

The Lawrence Bunch.


  1. awesome... and you have an award at my new a permanent home...

    and an entire blog dedicated to you and my other bloggie friends that stuck it out..


    The Queen.


  2. I totally sympathize (except for the caring what color my hair is part)... I'll have to give you a blog about my hair disasters... you'll get a kick out of it and your daughter will definately feel better about her blunder. Then again, you might not want her to read it b/c she might get some ideas.

  3. ROFL! Loved the song, I'm sure Kadie hates it though! LOL

    So glad you were able to fix her hair!

  4. I am just glad you were able to fix it. lol well, if it bothered him that bad, he wouldn't have asked.
    love the red!

  5. lol!

    and i can laugh because in 5th grade i decided a perm would be a good idea.

    then i decided i hated it and brushed it out every day.

    yeah, it was as bad as it sounds.

  6. ahhh, the joys of coloring your hair. My daughter has dark dark hair and has been wanting to go blonde... oh heck no!!! i did however let her get highlights and she loved them.. now of course, she wants blue streaks in her hair... what's a mom to do?

  7. LOL. I love it!!!! Back when I was 17, I did a hair show for Wella... they dyed my hair red, copper and blonde. (looked great till it was growing out) so I dyed it a dark brown knowing that would cover it all w/o an issue... a few weeks later, my boyfriend broke up with me, after drinking 1/2 a bottle of mon ami with my girl friend, I decided to go blonde (in just 1 step! lol) I had crayon yellow roots and bright orange ends!!! I spent 6 1/2 hours at the hair dresser the next day fixing it!!! lol

  8. We've all had those bad hair dye moments! Poor Kadie! Love the Brady Bunch song. You did a great job on it!

    Have a good day.

  9. Looks MUCH better red than it did blonde that's for sure. She should have started out with just some blonde hightlights and worked her way up to going all the way blonde. Going from dark brown to blonde should NEVER be done at home, NEVER. Hope her hair isn't totally ruined. But, on the good side, the guy who asked her out for a date didn't seem to mind.

  10. I love the red!!! (not that it will make Kadie feel any better).

    You crack me up sister.

  11. P.S. You should tell her one time my mom (when she bleached her hair) that she came home & it was blue-green-and purple and not on purpose....

  12. lol...Poor Kadie...I can't believe the boy followed her outside to talk...I bet she was horrified..lol but how sweet of him not to care about her rainbow colored hair and ask her out anyways...

    I like the red too! Hope they had fun on their date ...


  13. Thank you so much for sharing this story it's so funny. Bless Kadie :o) I hope she enjoyed the date, you'll have to update us ;)

  14. I think the red looks pretty good. :)

    Funny story, indeed! Hope the date turns out well.


  15. She's gonna kill you, you now that right? So mean. LMBO


  16. Kadie going blonde is like Ashley going to Black hair, which she is wanting to do......The Red look cute....

  17. I loved this entry so much because I'm dark brown and went blond a few years ago... I have finally gotten the hang of it and yes I was orange too for a day... a hundred dollars and two days later a nice Walmart hair salon fixed me up and oh my if I go back to brown I will definitely be paying someone else to do it so I don't mess it up again. Loved the poem!!! Her hair looks awesome but it will take everyone some time to get used to. My family still does not like me blond.

  18. I would never, ever, ever dare go blonde because my hair has always been black and I am afraid of killing the texture, forever.

    You know what I loved the most about this entry? Is the way you understood and supported her. My own mother would have never supported me going out on a date when I was a teenager and if someone tried to do what that young man did, she'd have cussed him out. Instead, you're letting her grow up and learn from her mistakes. I was so, so touched by your love for her that showed. You're a great Mom. I hope I'm that open and free with Katie. I think I will be when the time comes.

    She is a very pretty girl no matter what color hair.

    I like your family. Alot.


  19. I get very confused on how to comment on your blog these days! I was hoping for more pics!!!

  20. Very cute! I remember the hair experimentation days! In the last few years I finally grew it out enough that when I cut it short it was all my real hair color. No perms. No highlights. No other colors. Natural!


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