Wednesday morning

Got the brats off to school fine....

With minimal arguments....

That's a plus....

So i have lots of catching up to do :)

A week ago ( at least) Lori gave me an award :)


I have known Lori for a while and she is a doll...We bitch and moan to each other and sometimes hold each others hands via the keyboard :) and she is right! It is a dadgum good thing that we dont live in the same state cause our husbands would be out of their minds right about now...lol

I have to say that I started blogging in January 2005 in AOL's JLand..I have always kept a jounral of some type but never online...I started with AOL jounrals and was hooked...and I started because I needed a place write about my little brother...and just let it all out....without my mother who thinks everything should be kept inside...especially the details surrounding Chris' death...

I love to journal now...or blog now as it is called since I am over on Blogger...lol...It gives me an outlet...and lord knows I need one...

I am goign to give this award to a few people taht you may not all know but might love to read.. :)

Go check em out!

Here are the rules that I am COPY AND PASTING FROM LORI :)...cause i am a cheater like that...lol..

So here's the deal.

I need to post the award on my blog. Check.

Link back to that sweet Country Girl that gave it to me. Check, check.

Link back to the originating post. Check, check, check.

Pass it on to 5 deserving folks.

And . . .Post the rules for the recipients.

  1. Dylann's Nana - I have been reading Barb for a long long time....I remember when HER Katie graduated from High school...and was in an American Idol type contest in their home town....and now she (Katie) has a baby...**sigh** where does that mean I will be 3 or 4 years....
  2. Farmer's Wife - I so have not been reading her long...only since I came to blogger BUT i love to hear all about her day and I SO wish I was half a talented as her...case in point...her son FARMER JR...WAS A FLIPPIN JOHN DEERE TRACTOR FOR HALLOWEEN AND SHE MADE THE FLIPPIN COSTUME...
  3. Steel Mags and Hairspray - Tina is from Tennessee...divorced ....strong....starting over...has two adorable daughters that she lives for....
  4. Continuing the Journey - Cassey Lynn - That is SO not her name BUT I call her that anyway :)..I have known Cassey since she was 18 and she is a "reallife" best friend....we work together...and I already know everything she blogs about but I read it anyway :) oh and she is SUCH a WHINER! you just have no idea! ;)
  5. My Southern Home - Sonya - Sonya and G and K and Tugie the toy p are your typical midwest Tenneessee family....and i LVOE to read about K's cheering and G's winemaking and Sonya's day to day is sometimes quite amusing.. :) io have been reading Sonya since K was referred to as the PRETEEN and now she is about to start driving on her own....say a prayer for Sonya and G....they will need it!
  6. Just A Stirring In My Soul - Bernadette - Bernie and share a love of Vera Bradley..more like an obsession ;) her children are precious and named after football players I swear....Peyton and Eli...She doesnt update regularly but when she does? You are bound to catch a giggle or two :)

I know this is 6 BUT i could probably do 10 at least ..lol...as you can see from my blog roll I follow way too many :)


  1. OK..this one didn't show up on my dashboard..blogger runs way behind sometimes.
    I don't like that word "blog" I prefer to call mine a journal. That's a cute award she gave you.

  2. I am SOOO not a whiner!!!! :-Þ

    love you anyway! LOL!

  3. Um.....k.....I don't know how to do all that stuff I have to do to get my award, lol! You are SOOO gonna have to give me some instructions! :-D

  4. This entry made me laugh all the way around. ;o) Gonna have to check these blogs out!


  5. SWEEEEEEET! An AWARD! The scribble award!

    And, my name all lit up in hot pink on a green background, just the way I like it!

    Thanks Gal! [I'm a box wine Gal too!]


  6. Awww..I love presents :) lol, something else we have in common!

    I need a 'blogroll' on my sidebar thing...gotta figure that out.

    Text me your new addy again for confirmation, I think it's the one I have written down but the text is gone...I found bubbles for you :)

  7. Awwwwwww....that is so sweet. Thank you sooooooo much....NEATO.

  8. Hey Kelly.. I know some of those blogs.. good stuff, and the others I'll have to check out. Awesome award!!! Lori is pretty cool.


  9. I am going to have to check them all out! Linda


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