Thankful Thursday

I have been saying for MONTHS that I need to do a Thankful Thursday post and I never have done one...

NEVER ....

I dont I have ever done even ONE...well maybe one...

And I do have so many things to be thankful for...

So here goes...

  1. I have 2 jobs when some people have not even one..one I dont like so much but I have 2 jobs...
  2. I have a wonderful husband who works his rear end off 6 sometimes 7 days a week so that I really dont have to have 2 jobs but at Christmas time it will sure come in handy...
  3. I have 2 wonderful children who make me absolutely CRAZY 85% of the time but they are mine and they love me and still hug and kiss me and tell me they love me (when they want something) and some people arent even blessed with one child or have mean ugly acting children..
  4. I have a family that no matter what I do they stand behind me...granted my mom is a little crazy...but she loves me and would seriously hurt someone over me..
  5. I have a brother who loves me and would do anything for me, my chilren or my husband and has...
  6. I have 2 not 1 but two daddies who love me and both claim me as their own and believe that I am a princess :) (they dont know that I have become the queen in the last 20 years)
  7. I have a beautiful house (that needs to be cleaned).
  8. I have the bestest best friends in the world who would do anything for me and I would do anything for them.
  9. I have wonderful memories of my little brother Chris and my grandma to look back on when I am missing them a little much....
  10. I have the best inlaws a person could ask for :)

So there is my Thankful Thursday and what started out as a icky day has almost really turned into a decent one just because I sat back and thought about the things I am thankful for :)


  1. Awesome post and I will answer your question in a couple days.

  2. Girl we are of the same mindset tonight! I did my first ever Thankful Thursday too!!

    Great things to be thankful for!!

    Love ya

  3. This morning it felt a bit cheesy to do my Thankful Thursday but I was glad I had done it when I came home this evening... it was good to remember...

    We are blessed.

  4. I thought only my husband and old folks listen to Conway Twitty! :)

  5. you have tons to be thankful for.. I think maybe I should do one.

    Have a good weekend

  6. very nice entry, u r very blessed

  7. Good for you! I love thankful Thursday! It gets me in a good place mentally.

  8. aww :)
    ..and that's why you're my doll :)

  9. Great Thankfuls...

    When I do my thankfuls it always brightens my day a little more too

    I have great inlaws too ~ we really are blessed Kelly..lol



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