Tantum Tuesday..

So I got my wish and someone special :) made me a graphic :)

I need more folks..

Lots more Tuesdays coming up :)

Now for my Tuesday Tantrum before it is not Tuesday anymore....

  • My 3 day a week boss can really be a pain in my rear....she really really can...I did things today like order her contacts....and make her daughter an eye appointment....and scheduled her Lexus for routine maintenance....I am worth WAY more than that...and am paid WAY too much to be her personal assistant..I am SO overqualified for that...
  • My 17 yr old daughter waited until 11:00 pm to tell me that she has billiards practice tomorrow night for a club that we discussed her joining but I was not aware that a decision was made just yet..(since she does not know how to play pool at all) not only did she wait until the last minute? Her practice is in Richardson which is 30 minutes away...She has no drivers license...it is at 6:30 pm which means I would not only be driving her there in rush hour traffic? It is too far away for me to come back home and then go back to pick her up...So I would have to amuse myself for 90 minutes in my car....uhh I think not...especially since the police force in Richardson (as in most places) frown on you drinking from an open box of wine while reading a smutty novel in pool hall parking lots...
  • My 12 yr old has decided that it is not necessary to do any homework...at all...ever....
  • My only purpose in life - to wait on people hand and foot - do things for everyone...so they in turn can be pissy with me...and talk back to me...and not do anything I ask without being bitchy and sarcastic about it...
  • If either one of my children again prefaces a sentence with "What had happened was..." or "I is" - I am goign to send them to live with my mother...that'll learn 'em...


  1. Omg that's funny! Hoping Wednesday is better. ;O)De

  2. I don't know what else you said in your post because I got stuck at the mental image of you with a box of wine and smutty novel outside a pool haul... and that will go with me all day... I'm going to randomly laugh out loud all day... *snicker*

    Love and hugs... I appreciate you!

  3. LOVE Tantrum Tuesdays ... what a great idea! Your post reminded me of something DJ used to say ... "Kids. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. We're doomed!" Hehehehe!
    Love ya

  4. I am so participating next week! :O)))

    LOL @ the box of wine comment.


  5. Love the graphic and the mental image of you sitting in the car with the wine box! and a book!!

  6. Here's hoping the tantrums can be squashed... or at least drowned with a little wine & chocolate!!

  7. Ahhhh, crappy bosses. I had one myself until this morning when I left my resignation letter on his desk! SCREW HIM!! (Lol)

    And those kids??? I have those too. Teenagers no less. GOTTA LOVE THEM!!!


  8. It does feel like that sometimes doesn't it? Your only purpose is to take care fo everyone else, damned if you are suppose to worry about yourself...(Hugs)Indigo

  9. I am soooo doing a tantrum tuesday next week!
    Teenagers...sigh. I am right there with ya. Tyler is going to be the death of me yet!

  10. That graphic is soooooo cute!
    Kids? Ya gotta love 'em!
    Hope you're having a better day today.

  11. OMG!! After you telling me all about Tantrum Tuesday at your house last night, I STILL didn't make a post! That sucks! I will SO be doing that next week....if you remind me, lol! :-D


    P.S. Hey...what were the other days of the week?

  12. *snicker* *snort* "open box of wine" ;-D

    Backtalk. Hand and Foot Gal. "I is" ROFL!!!!!

    Happy Tuesday (sorry, I missed most of yesterday due to the internet thingie).


  13. lol...what had happened was...lol, I know alot of ppl who say that..i cant help but laugh whenever I hear it


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