who needs trees?

We have a customer here at the "trailer selling place" who wants land with trees - VERY specific about that - Land MUST have trees...

Well we have a few that have trees...but obviously not as many as he wants...

BUT being a problem solver and my boss being a salesperson...

We found a solution...

I was telling her that most towns do an Arbor Day Celebration and my town GIVES AWAY free trees to plant in your yard...2 per water bill or family...

Well Arbor Day has passed BUT I went to the Arbor Day website?

And if you become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation for the small price of $10 - yes folks - I said $10! They will send you 10 free trees...>You can choose from 10 different packages of trees..some flowering (my favorite) oak trees, pines..you name it...you can get it...FOR FREE...

Go Plant a Tree People...hell GO PLANT 10 TREES :)

You can also plant a tree in memory of someone...

You can plant a tree in memory of a celebration....

Or you can send those 10 trees to someone you love who might want them as a gift :) (this is going to be one of my mama's christmas presents!)


  1. I'd be one of those pain in the butt customers who'd want trees! I love trees. LOL

  2. I love tree's. I will say my parents have had this particular groups tree's before, and just a warning, they're often not the best tree's...all of the ones my parents got, died. So just a warning. I know they haven't gotten tree's from them in quite a few years (for the above reason), so they may have a better stock of tree's. I do like the idea behind the program though!

    Who doesn't want tree's on their property though?? Perfect shade, brings down your electric and/or gas bill, and well they're just pretty!!!!

    Oh what'd you think of the CMA's btw?

  3. Wow, that's great! I had no idea you could get so many trees for basically free. I hope your boss knows how valuable you are. De ;)

  4. I've read at their site before but wonder how large they are. Any idea?


  5. I've had trees planted in memory of loved ones lost.. I wonder what they look like now? : )

  6. i LOVE trees and I would have asked for that also!!! and what a great problem solver YOU are!!!!

  7. This is wonderful, I forwarded a link to my landlord because last winter an ice storm destroyed all of our trees. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

  8. Good idea I hadn't been on that site in a long time. You know I would prefer to plot out my site do what I wanted then plant the trees I wanted and where I wanted them around everything else. IF all else fails send the person to Kentucky they can buy a place where you have to knock some trees out to make a spot. My niece just bought a 140acre farm and they had to go in make a whole and at the very back of the farm they cleaned out a spot for a shop and house. So they are gonna have what I call a place you have to pipe the sunshine in...lol.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. the free trees are very small like a stick, but if you are kind to them they will grow! I have an evergreen out front that is over my husband's head and Liz brought it home when it was like 6 inches. I made sure no bratty kids ran it over and took good care of it.

  10. We know all about Arbor Day here in Nebraska!! :)


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