Saturday mornings...

My hubby has left for work...

Most of my children are sleeping...

Courtney is the only one awake...

I tried to call Cassey but she wont wake up ......

So Courtney and I are gonna go hit some garage sales :)

Just a couple cause I have a LOT to do today :0

AND we are goign to stop back by Kroger and get another turkey for 39 cents a pound :) and the hamburger meat I forgot last night when I bought an ungodly amount of groceries...

I hope you all have a greattttttttt day!

I will be back later to let ya know what treasures I found.. :)



  1. Good luck with the yard sales.. Fun! Good deal on the Turkey. HAGWE2 ~ lol

  2. It's pouring here and will do so all day. Gray. 38 degrees. I slept in late.

  3. Happy sale day to you! It's gray and rainy and nasty here so no garage sales for me! PJs all day sounds like my speed!


  4. Girl I want to go garage saling with you!!! At the commisary yesterday they had turkey's for 35 cents a pound but I didnt know if that was a good deal or not. I am not a big turkey cooker...I always leave it to my Mom...this year though I am gonna have to do it.

    Hope you get some good deals today!

  5. 38 cents a pound!? And, I was all pleased with my 77 cents a pound special that went up to 99 cents a pound two days later.

    Good luck and great findings!

  6. Can't wait to hear about all your goodies!

  7. 39 cents a pound? Girl, ship me a couple of those turkeys! Thanks for commenting in my blog. I'll put you on my list.


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