I dont know that I have done this either :)


1. Between breakfast, lunch or dinner, which meal are you most likely to skip on a typical day?

hmmm breakfast would be the one...who has time for breakfast???

2. Do you prefer a hot breakfast, like oatmeal, or a cold breakfast, like cereal?

actually if you want to get technical I am not real fond of oatmeal...and I only like cereal at night for a snack and then it MUST be Cookie Crisps or Honey Nut Cheerios :)...I actually prefer rice if I am going to have a hot cereal like breakfast :)

3. When you’re in the mood for a big breakfast, what do you typically crave?

scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, biscuits, gravy and sliced tomato :) yummyyy

4. Take the quiz: What kind of muffin are you?

You Are a Cherry Muffin

You are very friendly and sweet. You love to socialize.
You have a bit of a fire in your heart, and you secretly love adventure.

You are well known for speaking your mind. You tell people exactly what you think.
However, you're so nice when you're honest, no one really cares!

Even though you're down to earth, you're not exactly the girl or guy next door.
You are actually quite worldly and sophisticated. You are well traveled and well read.

5. What are you more likely to cook for yourself for breakfast if you’re alone: a stack of pancakes, a waffle, or grits?

WAFFLES with PECANS :) I dont like the texture of pancakes and grits are nasty..

6. What’s your favorite beverage to drink with your breakfast?

Pepsi...that comes from my grandma :)


  1. Pepsi, for breakfast . . . I remember those days! LOL

    Oh and now you are "worldly and sophisticated" . . . well, la TE da!!



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