I filled my truck up...

with gas for ONLY $32.00 2 nights ago...

Can you believe it???

Gas is down to $1.85 around here....

4 weeks ago? it was $3.98..


  1. I know, but over my way it's starting to creep back up again I think just because Thanksgiving coming. I think they're trying to keep the gas down so people will shop. Glad you're filled up.

  2. WOW! It's still $2.19, but hey it was like $4.40 before!

  3. We just put 500 gallons in and it was only $2.13 a gallon... what a change a month makes..tourist season must be over...

    Have a great weekend..

    The Queen..

  4. wow, thats a good drop...now if only it would stay that way,lol

  5. We filled our car for $21. Makes me want to buy a tank and stock up!!

  6. OMFG! I know!! 1.99 or less for regular. 2.19 for premium for the car.

    I filled up for less than 35! I about kissed the gas pump!

    ...and the car?! Under 20 bucks baby!

    We spend less on both cars in week than we did on one a week a month or so ago.

    ,..and I LOOOOOOVE Chicken & Dumplings :) :::drools:::

  7. $30.00 to fill my Taurus last week. NICE. I am hoping that heating oil starts to drop too.. YIKES

  8. Oy I never FILL the truck up cause it gives me a heart attack seeing how much a full tank costs. I did fill up the car yesterday for 20.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is down to 2.11 here.

  9. Yeppie....it is $1.85 here. Cost me $24.00 Tuesday...compared to $64.00 a few weeks ago...(sigh of relief here)

    Have fun saleing....(is that a word? well it is now.)


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