I am sitting in my puter chair eating jello no bake cherry cheesecake..

And a glass of tea :)

Had to drive out to Cassey's cause she has the girls AND my Kirby vaccuum...cause i need my vacuum....

Decided since Cassey lives in the middle of nowhere and the girls are a tad jumpy ;) I would try and scare the bejeezus outta them...

Well it worked..I pulled down her driveway with my lights off....opened my door quietly....snuck around the back of the house....ran my fingers down the siding of the trailer ;) very loudly and creepy like.....then all of a sudden I banged on the living room window with my fists..

Good Lord Courtney almost woke the dead 3 counties over...it was priceless...but I wasnt done yet!

Cassey knew I was coming *snicker* so she left the back door unlocked and....

when I BURST through the back door?

I thought the girls would pee all over themselves after they busted my eardrums screaming...

You just had to be there... :) And these goofy girls thought they wanted to go to a HAUNTED HOUSE????

I think not...they would have been sleeping between Wayne and I for months...lol

I got some really good deals garage saleing today...

Got a wooden bottomed heart shaped basket for my hearth...for $2..

Got a wooden rocking horse...$2

Got a whole new comforter set with shams and dust ruffle....$5

2 purses...$1 each... ( you knew that was coming)...lol

A drawer unit...with 8 drawers...plastic (to go in my bathroom) $2

13 James Patterson books for my mother in law...never been read...$7...

Wooden sign for my room that says Forever and Always and Ever After That....$3

Jukebox style radio from the 80's for my bathroom $3

and several other things that were small...

I did GOOD today...

I am off to play some pogo :)

Go to church in the morning...we are... :)


  1. Ok, now I AM GLAD you don't live near me! That's cruel, woman!


  2. OMG, it's too bad you didn't record that! That must have been hilarious. ~~~Kath~~

  3. yep... it's final... we're sisters... I so would have drooled over all the things you bought.

    80's jukebox radio
    rocking horse

    I'm jealous! You win!!

  4. I like James Patterson. We don't stop at many garage sales because we just don't need more "stuff" at our ages.

  5. oh my goodness! 13 james patterson books for $7, I could pee!

  6. Dang you Kelly...you got me needin to go to garage sales badly now...lol You got some great bargains!

    HAHAHA@ you scaring the girls...i wish I could have seen/heard them



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