Tuesdays are better :)

Want one of these? Go see Dani over at
Dani Saves Money . You can win one or if you just aren't that lucky? You can buy one from her :) at this site :)
By Faith

She has them in a couple different patterns and colors...


here is the description :

This bag is perfect for the grocery store, Walgreens or CVS! There's a pocket on the side for your pen and list. Inside there is room for a 4X6 file box (included) and your wallet or check book. There's a large pocket in the back to keep your the coupons you're using until you get to the register.

or how about one of these?


This is the cutest apron EVER!

go over to Sisterly Savings and check out her latest giveaway :)

Leave her a comment with which one you would like :)


  1. OMG ... that's so cute. Thanks for sharing the link. on my way right now. I'm feeling lucky today!

  2. Love the craftiness! Wouldn't use either one unfortunately! She uses great fabrics!

  3. Thanks for the post!
    Dani Saves (ByFaith)

  4. THose are just adorable!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! That's an apron ... ok, I thought it was a skinny chick's dress. LOL

  6. I saw her work (amazing) on another site and like many, I thought that that was a summer dress. Thanks for sharing, Take care and enjoy your everyday,

  7. I was once married to a woman who had the personality of the mannequin.

    Does that count?

  8. Yay! I found you...thanks for making it easy with the comment ;)

    now then...i love that apron, that's totally me.

    Good to *see* you doll :)

  9. omg thats so cute I want one!! have a great day :) Kat:)

  10. love,love,love the apron. ty for the linky. Hope your doing well

  11. The bag doesn't do it for me... but that apron is CUTIE PATOOTIE!!

    Unfortunately, I'd never get any use out of it... having Kitchenitis and all that... then again, it is almost cute enough for the bedroom... LOL!

  12. came across your blog so wanted to say hi! the bag and apron are cute! hugs

  13. They are both adorable!!!! the men would love the apron!

  14. Gorgeous apron. Its almost too pretty to let get dirty, which is what my aprons get.
    Actually my apron is made my Fruit Of The Loom... aka tee-shirt. And my purse consists of the back butt pocket of my jeans de jour. I'm just a mess!

  15. That's an apron? Oh My! I might need one of those cuties! Geeze, now I feel all crafty slacker.

    Like the scrapbook layout of your blog.

    [Oh, tractor costume pics are up at my place...remember, I was short on time.]

    Happy Saturday!!!!

  16. I want one! I want one! Bella Vintage Inspired Retro Yellow Cherry Full; or Yellow Strawberry Full!

    So beautiful!!!!!

    Happy Saturday Again [Oh, and I totally bookmarked her in my Etsy sites!]

  17. I just figured out that I don't get alerts for you. Or I've managed to miss them all. Sorry! I just thought you weren't posting.

    PS that apron would not look so cute in a size 18, I'm thinking...



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