My last post

was almost a week ago.... YIKES!

I have been very busy....

I will probly sneak one in at work today ;)

I have read a few this week but have not commented many at all if any...

Went to Sunday School yesterday morning and then to church....

Out to lunch with a friend and her kid and my two kids and courtney and kale and my mom.... accepted a 2nd part time job.....I start that on Tuesday....

Back home again to do a little laundry and a few other piddly things...

Cooked sloppy joes and onion rings for dinner and was in bed by 10:30.....

About to get ready for work now and drop the kids at school and swing by and pick up Cassey from Heather's where she babysat all weekend....and go to work..

About to start my week :)

Enjoy your day all!


  1. It's about time girl! I have had cabin fever all weekend with Dilly being sick and I had to restrain myself from posting every hour! It was quite boring and I did alot of blog surfing...found a few new ones to follow. I hope you have a great week...good luck at your new pt job tomorrow!

  2. Glad you dropped in to let us know your ok.

  3. Have a good week. You sound busy.

  4. Well I'm glad you wrote something so we know you're still around.
    Take a little time for yourself you sound really busy.

  5. I hear ya'! I feel ya'! And, two part time jobs to boot, with kiddies back and forth?


    I'm catching up myself and going down the list of the blogs and luckily? I was here a day or two ago and didn't miss much....sweeeet!

    Hope tomorrow runs smoothly for ya!

    [Oh, the tractor costume pics are up.. Just hit me in the blog and scroll down.]

    Happy almost Tuesday!

  6. i hope your week goes by wonderfully!!!!

  7. I just nominated you to dish the dirt. =D http://snaggertagger.blogspot.com/

  8. Well were glad your back and posting. Sometimes we have to slow down long enough to catch up - Hoping your week is good to you. Take care,

  9. hope the rest of your week goes well, even though it sounds like your busy! hugs

  10. Psshh... there's just no excuse for NOT blogging. I mean, here I am with a freshly cleaned kitchen and nothing to do but look at all the UNbloggers... get with the program! hehe


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