omgosh it is over...

Halloween is finally over!

I had to leave my house and run to Dollar Tree and refill the candy.... at 8 pm.....

My doorbell was still ringing at 10 pm...

IT finally quit....

We gave out candy AND glow bracelets.....had 72 of them...ran out by 7:30...did not buy more of those..alth
ough they went over great!

Thank goodness my kids are TOO OLD to trick or treat....

Cassey picked up the girls from my mother in laws...and picked up pizza for dinner...

I picked up Austin and took him t
o his friend Matts house...Have to pick him up at 10 am....

I am wiped out tired....

And going to bed...

My neice & great nephew Chrissy
and Gavin are having their birthday party tomorrow at 3:00 :) Chrissy will be 4 and Gavin will be 5...sigh..they are growing up too fast...There will be lots of food, 2 bounce houses, and a clown....don't have a clue what to buy them....probably a doll and a truck....

Sunday = church....

I must go to bed...

I am very very tired...


  1. Do you ever feel like you're on a merrygoround and it's just spinning too fast? It's like... I love this life up here in the mountains but there's always some social or church or family thing going on... it wears me out!

    Our trick or treaters came until 9:30! I didn't run out of candy, though...

    have a great weekend!
    love and hugs!

  2. And it was just the opposite here....SO QUIET!!! We usually have tons and tons of trick or treaters and this year....not so much! But we are a Phillies town and we had the huge parade yesterday afternoon and I think everyone went to that and was just plain EXHAUSTED!! We also have a curfew here....no trick or treating past 8 pm. My kids DID go out and then they both had parties to go to so it was a late night here too. But I gave out little containers of play doh (that was a huge hit too!!) and I have quite a bit left!

    So now I have a house with a 20 year old, a 17 year old and a 14 year old and about 50 little tubs of play doh.....(lol)


  3. Hope you got some rest...

    I have always loved the name Gavin..if and when we ever do have kids...if we had a son that would be one of the choices for names...I just love it!

    Happy Birthday to Chrissie and Gavin!!! Have fun at the party


  4. Oy I think I would have turned the lights out at 8pm when you ran out of candy, lol. Hope you got some rest! De ;)

  5. Hope you slept good. I would have given up answering the door after I ran out of candy. We still have a whole bowl of candy and John McCain stickers since we were not home to recieve any trick or treaters..

    Have a good weekend

  6. The kids here have to stop trick or treating at eight pm. We had maybe 20 kids show up. We're a very very small neighborhood, though, so just the tiny kids come, all the big kids go across the street to the bigger neighborhoods. I didn't realize your nephew was named Gavin. My Gavin should be here in 14 days and I cannot wait to give that baby a big hug ... Piper too, of course! ~~Kath~~

  7. hope you got some sleep! have a good weekend! hugs

  8. Goodness you are busy these days!
    Our trick or treating is over at 8..never heard of it going on until 10. My kids would have loved that when they were younger...lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. we had that many trick or treaters when I was still a child living in town. so glad we don't have to bother now!!!!!

  10. good God who lets their kids trick or treat until 10!!! of yeah it was on a friday night but pleeeeeeez!!

    get some rest!

  11. Sounds like a good Halloween at your house!

  12. Well, I found you and I hope this helps. I don't know if anybody rang the doorbell last night or not as we weren't home. We went to this huge TRUCK OR TREAT event at our church and didn't get back until very late. Katie got to go in another bouncy house. What is it with this hyper kid who finds these where ever we go. I've never seen so many inflatable slides in my life as of recently. Get some rest. It affects our emotions as females when we get overly tired.


  13. Tag- You're it. Go read my blog. http://therustyspigot.wordpress.com/

  14. I totally do not *heart* Halloween. It's my least favorite holiday. In fact it doesn't even make that list. It makes the "things I don't like" list.

    I am so glad it is over! And, we did the party here at our house. Food, fun, no candy. :-D

    Happy Sunday! [I totally want to snake that Super Mom button]


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