dishin' the dirt :)

Well, I got tagged by Emmi...

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Things you may not know about me - random-

  1. I have had 5 marriage proposals..4 of them before I was 21 years old....Jeff, Dean, James, Walter and my wonderful hubby now of 18 years...Wayne.. I only married 2 of them and the first marriage did not even last a year...
  2. I have 2 part time jobs...one for a company called Creative Cancer Concepts or C3 as it is sometimes called :) I am the assistant to the program director..I also work for an old friend (just started yesterday) I worked for her for 3 years....and I left there over 6 years ago...i went back to work for her yesterday as a Loan Originator and Service Coordinator..I work at Wholesale Homes 3 days a week...
  3. My son has webbed toes on one foot. We did not have them separated because there was no bone or muscle between them at all...only skin....
  4. My pomeranian's name is Alexander. He came from a rescue organization and I believe we also rescued him from them...He was in a kennel from 7 weeks until we got him at 6 months...He was given up by the breeder becuase a.) he is black with a white chest; b.) He has a fox nose instead of a flat nose like show dogs (2 of 10 in a litter are born with a fox nose instead of a flat nose and are considered to be only pets not show quality); and c.) they could not sell him for as much as the others because of the reasons above...So they gave him to a RESCUE...how sad is that....He is my baby and he is spoiled rotten... :) He has his own clothes.. :)
  5. Every single blood related female member of my mothers side of the family, had to have a hysterectomy before they were 30 years old......except for me...i had mine the year before i turned 40....MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PAP SMEARS LADIES.....cancer runs rampant in our family....

so there is my dirt...

I am taggin....

  1. Robin from The Yellow Brick Road
  2. Debbie from Boondocks Flapdoodle and Beyond
  3. Terri from Memories and Sweet Serenity
  4. Barb from Dylann's Nana
  5. Erin from Gillie's Time
  6. Bernadette from Just A Stirring In My Soul

now hear this ladies...I WANT REAL DIRT...

Debbie and Terri? I want things the other doesnt know about you.. :) Terri tell us something momma dont know...she cant ground you anymore :)

I HAVE to get caught up on blogs but I have been so busy this week that i cant even see straight...the only action my computer has seen this week is by Kadie Dawn....I probly am overrun by viruses now...lol....or at the very least have lots of depressing teenage graphics saved in My Documents....lol...


Love you all!

Kelly Dawn


  1. Loved all your answers! I'm the only one in my family who hasn't had a hysterectomy yet either. I will not let the doctors cut me LOL or near me LOL or take my parts LOL

  2. Thanks for playing. I learned a lot about you.

  3. This gives others a chance to get to know you better! Thanks for sharing. Take care,

  4. Popular girl with 5 proposals!!

  5. Hey girl, c'mon ya left off one little secret. Get to diggin'!!!
    Yikes!! You want Terri to disown her Mama? Us Mama's gotta keep our little secrets ya know!
    I don't know how to link and all that good stuff cause I'm a computer dummy, if I do this Terri will have to help me.

  6. What in the heck, how did I get so far behind? When did you stop working at the school? Good grief woman you don't tell me anything anymore! Hmph!

  7. Goodness sakes Kelly...it will take me till the weekend to figure out things that mom don't know about me...she knows most everything...but like she said..we do have secrets that the other must not ever know about...LMAO! Thats a mother/daughter for ya..

    I will do my best you little stinker! =)

    I liked reading yours


  8. great answers... and yes pap's are important!

  9. I liked getting to know you better.

  10. Okay I will get to it as soon as I can!

  11. wow-=-5 marriage proposals...you were a popular girl breaking hearts all over! :) lol


  12. No hysterectomy here. I do need a PAP though. Thanks for the reminder. And My brother has webbed toes.

  13. Hi, I am just stopping by your blog. How special is that organization that you are a program director of. My husband is a survivor of two different cancers, and a stem cell transplant. Cool that you do such work...

    Krissy :)

  14. Oh, one more thing, I forgot to say, there's a blog directory I created, it is called from jland to blogger. Please come add your blog under the letter G. Here is the address:

    If you have more than one blog, add all of them under the proper letter of the alphabet. Thanks! It is so we can all find one another.

    Krissy :)

  15. Ok Kelly, mine is finally ready!


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