Sunday Morning Silence

Well guess who forgot to turn her clock back?

Where were all my reminders? :)

Wayne had to work today and I am sure when he got up this morning he thought he was late..lol

I got up about 20 minutes after he left to let Alex out to potty.... and the clock on the dvr said it was 7:30 am...So he was on time :)

It has been a busy forgetful misunderstanding weekend for me :)

Remember I said yesterday was Chrissy and Gavins bday party?

Well I had the girls hurrying up to get the house picked up and I was cleaning out my closet for a garage sale...Everything had to be done by 2:30....I picked Austin up from Matts at 10:30...stopped at a garage sale and CLEANED up..I got 4 skirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 8 tops, 2 dresses, 3 pairs of shorts and a pair of capris for $26...all very close to brand new and alot still with tags on them :) (thats what prompted me to clean out my closet..lol..) Stopped and picked up a gift for each kiddo with wrapping paper...Came home and told the girls to get a move on! They had friends coming over to watch scary movies last night...after we got back from the party...

Called my brother to let him know that I would be heading over to his house around 2 just in case Diana needed any help getting set up...and he said "well sis that would be great but you do realize that the party is tomorrow right?" uh oh....lol....

I went back to cleaning out my closet and the girls went back to cleaning the house...lol...

So now I need to get everyone up for church...they will not be happy when they realize that I woke them up in time for Sunday School...lol....all the clocks in the house reset themselves EXCEPT the one on the microwave...they all dont care for Sunday School...they would rather just go to church....

Some of you who read my journal on AOL will remember Kadie's boyfriend Jordan last year...they have remained friends (for the most part) since their breakup..of course they did have some really ugly spots but all in all - still friends....Jordan and her parents came to her bday party....2 weeks ago...His mother and I are friends....Well Jordan came over last night to watch movies...as a matter of fact? Jordan and Jazmin were the only two who came...the other 3 were grounded, at a relatives and had no gas in the car....Jazmins parents picked her up around 11:30...I took Jordan home around 12:30....

At 12:20 I walked into the living room to tell them it was time for boys to go home? Kadie and Jordan were on the couch all hugged up with his arm around her and her leaning into him all sweet like....and when we dropped him off? He kissed her bye....Of course I have no other info...lol...cause Im the mom....lol...Cassey might be able to tell me something later....lol...if Kadie tells her....lol...

I am off to get these children AND Cassey up for church...Wayne is at work all day....have bday party to go to this afternoon....and still havent wrapped the presents....need a shower....

It never ends does it?



  1. No Ma'am, it never ends. But, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves at this point if it weren't always this way!

    Happy [busy] Sunday!

  2. my daughter's old Mike (boyfriend) went with her and new Mike (present boyfriend) to a haunted house Friday night. You can never figure kids out, ever.

    Actually I set my clock ahead and had to change it back =)

  3. Girl, I need to come over and go to the garage sales with you!! Have a great day, and even better week. ~~K~~

  4. Ok my head just spins thinking of Kadie's various boyfriends or boy friends! LOL I do remember Jordan for sure, wasn't he going to join the military or was that another boy???

  5. Oh and our time changed last week, so for a week we were an hour "closer"... :)

  6. I love hearin the scoop on Kadie's dating/friends situation..hehe

    I have to get motivated soon...I have been saying I was going to clean out my closets for the last 6 months...I have to...I have no room for my winter clothes...

    So glad you got some bargains at the garage sale..don't cha just love em'!

    Have a good one

  7. oh, i HATE it when I get things all messed up like that. You know what that means, don't you? That you are TOO busy.
    enjoy your day

  8. Nope it never ends! My daughter has a boyfriend who is so sweet, but I'm like "you're too young to have a bf!", but alas she will be 16 a few weeks. De ;)

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  10. very awesome blog some how i found you looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia. I wish you nothing but the best.

  11. I was reminded by my cell phone update message...lol

  12. Ha! By the time we figure these kids out they won't be kids anymore! I don't know if you remember the saga over my Katie's boyfriends from my farmer's wife blog, but she is still playing at the same game. She still loves Matt...says she will marry him one day, but since he is away at college, she has a local boyfriend that she likes to have fun and go out with. Holy cow, my nerves, my nerves... I just don't want anyone to get hurt...I'm a softie.

  13. I forgot where I put my memory. Some day will do that to you. Hope your have a wonderful day anyways. Take care,

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I am impressed with your garage sale-ing! I never find anything.

  15. Love your post today It never ends lol Blessings Kat:)

  16. Just another day in the life....where's the olives and pickles?? I'm hungry.


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