Day 9 {Your beliefs}

Day 9 {Your beliefs}


I have decided to make this 30 Intermittent Days of Kelly :)

To be posted when I get a chance :)

My beliefs?

I believe in God
I believe in marriage
I believe in family
I believe in children
I believe in our country
I believe in love
I believe in unconditional love
I believe country music is the most amazing :)
I believe my daughters are the most beautiful girls on the planet
I believe my son is the most handsome
I believe my husband is an idiot and some days i love him more than life
*other days i would gladly give him away to the first skank that asked for him*
Ibelieve in trees, flowers, green grass and holding hands
I believe in baby kisses and puppy kisses...
I believe that first heartbreak is always the most devastating
I believe you can NEVER love too much
or too long...
I believe you can NEVER have too many friends
I believe you can have more than one best friend
I believe in my DVR - please god - never let it fail me on Tuesday nights :)
I believe Trace Adkins and Gary Allan are two of the hottest entertainers ever :)
I believe I should be allowed to go to their house :)
I believe I should get to hold their hands while they sing to me :)
Oh wait - back to the serious stuff :)
I believe in family first

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