Day 8 {A moment}

Day 8 {A moment}

a moment?

which moment?

the moment i knew i loved wayne?

the moment i knew i wanted to be with him always?

the moment i knew i was pregnant with kadie?

the moment kadie was born?

the moment i knew i was pregnant with austin?

the moment he was born?

the moment i first heard the word cancer?

the moment my mother told me my brother was dead?

the last moment my grandma called me dee and pursed her lips to kiss me bye for the very last time?

the moment wayne told me his mother had committed suicide?

the moment my doctor told me i had to have a hysterectomy except i was in his office to have my tubal reversed?

the moment i picked up my dog alex out of the crate almost straight from a puppy mill and named him?

the moment that my stepmother called me to say my dad was gone and would never come back?

the moment i found out my daddy has emphysema?

the moment i drove away from my daughter in a town 6 hours away for college?

all the moments.....

define me....


  1. Making me all teary eyed girl....I did not know about the tubal reversal that turned into a hysterectomy....you never told me this. :(


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