We are home!

Austin and Keatlynn :)

We are home from our little short vacation!

For those of you who don't know - and most everyone does who is my friend on Facebook :)

We went to South Texas - to visit some family :) Wayne's stepdad - his sister Candis - her new husband Darrell and the girls love to spend some time with Erica Mia :)

We went to the beach one day while we were there and lost all 3 girls for over an hour to "boy-watching" which turned into "hot man with children" watching - lol...Wayne almost died...when he realized the "boy" they were ogling - was indeed a young man with 2 little girls and a wife... @@ - the girls didnt care - the man was hot - thats all they were worried about :)

Spent some time learning how to play Texas Hold Em - that was way fun!!!

Went to dinner one night with the whole family - picked up Keatlynn (Candis and Darrell's neice that Austin has a wee crush on *giggle*)

More pictures later!~ Took some great bluebonnet pictures :) Will post those too :)


  1. About time you got home, haven't seen any postings on FB from you today are you sick??? LOL

  2. For your information, all we did was look lol it's not like we ran over and molested him on the beach. Although, that doesn't sound like a bad idea... when can we go back?


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