I just found the coolest website :)

I was cruisin' the web - as I am prone to do while I am at home doing nothing else wishing I could have this way exciting life :)

We are currently down to one vehicle so I was looking up parts and pieces for the Honda Accord in our driveway. It needs registration and inspection both of which will require parts and work done on the car before either of these can happen. In the meantime? I am STRANDED because that means Wayne takes the "mom mobile" to work from 2:30 - 11:30.


Just so ya know - I have not yet moved into the "blog for profit" group BUT when I see something cool? I like to tell people about it :) and this is beyond cool :) Although I am SO up for reviews and such if anyone would like for me to help them out :)

In my quest to be mobile again other than between the hours of 8 am and 1 pm - I wandered upon this website called RepairPal. I was amazed at how easy it was maneuver thru the site considering that I know ZILCH about cars. The Honda needs several things before it is road worthy again and this site also gave me names and places I could take my car as well as a list on the sidebar of recent quotes for the work that we need to have done. The link that you see above is NOT the town I live in but for safety sake. It does however show you how easy it is to find dependable car close to home and recent quotes for that purpose :)

There are lots of links to other services on this website but one of my favorites was the service reminder :) You can log your mileage, oil changes, tire service, and every other type of service available on your make and model and set it up to remind you by email when it is time for a service!! How cool is that?? Just what this crazy forgetful mom needs...lol....

Pretend you are looking for a "new-used" car :) There is also a place RIGHT HERE and im just gonna use this car as an example...lol... (we have been looking at cars for Kadie to take to college) and you can go check out other peoples reviews and maybe some issues they have had....

Ever wonder what that tech does to change your oil (in very basic terms) for that $39.95 or more? Click Here :)

How about brakes and rotors?? I have never had any idea about what happens down there other than Wayne tells me to get in the vehicle and pump the brakes? Yeah this page explains it to ya....

I had fun playing on it and roaming all around the website :) Go check it out :) www.repairpal.com

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  1. Cool site for those who need it!!!

    (Chad thankfully does 99% of our vehicle upkeep and changes! the only time I pay for things is when Chad's deployed and I can't find anyone to do it! LOL)


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