John Schneider.....

I so love this song....

of course I kinda grew up having a thing for John Schneider too :)

That whole Dukes Of Hazzard thing just made me blush and giggle from 5th grade all the way thru high school when I was watching reruns.. :)

And just for future reference? I hated the remake - blechhh!!


  1. John Schnieder was gorgeous way back in 5th grade and is still damn good looking!

  2. Ok so our age difference will show up a little here, but I can remember being in Kindergarten or 1st grade and having a little 5/6 yr old crush on him! LOL I had a Duke's tshirt and oh I loved that, then a woman who my mom worked with, her home burned down and mom went through our closets and she GAVE them my beloved tshirt!! I can laugh now, but oh it was devestating to my 5/6 year old heart to not be able to wear my beloved Duke's tshirt!!

    I also did NOT realize John sang this song, always one I've loved!


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