Blake Shelton <~~~ click here to get a free download from Blake Shelton's new "6-pack"

i love Blake and dont think he gets near enough credit as an artist :) He mostly gets tagged as Miranda's irreverant twittering boyfriend...

Which I guess is a good place to be BUT I love his music - his writing - and his voice - Go check it out :) and get your free download :)


  1. I'll go later and do it! Thanks for the heads up. BTW I'm totally loving your music...my favorite is hands down Conway and Loretta...ahh my kind of music (ok it all is, but I just love them and oh Barbara Mandrell...oh crap now I need to go find my good old cassette tapes and put Barbara on...or better yet go and download her onto my ipod! LOL)

  2. :) so glad i could feed your music obsession - giggle :)


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