doncha just love it

Today is gonna be a bullet day!

  • I do not like teenagers - of any shape form or fashion....
  • I do not like to do dishes....
  • I do not like to do laundry.....
  • I do not like to cook......
  • I do NOT like to take a teenager EVERY FLIPPING WHERE I GO and it never fails - one of them ALWAYS says I WANT TO GO WITH YOU - like they are are 2 or something - or like they are going to miss me? no more like they are afraid I might do something fun without them...@@...and they should be afraid of that....one day i might....one day...maybe....


  1. unfortunately i have a lot of laundry and a little bit of cooking ahead of me tonight.

  2. I know how you feel, I know how you feel!

  3. unfortunately i do not share your feelings on teens. :(

    I enjoy spending what time mine will allow with him. There will be a day when my house will be empty. I treasure the moments, I have since birth, because I knew the day would come and I would be ALONE. I would miss the little things.

    But I am with ya on the I do not like to do dishes... I do not like to do laundry...
    I do not like to cook...

    Those get in my way of spending time with the teen. :)

  4. returning to the world of blogging...
    I don't like those things either. sometimes I feel like saying, "get off me!"

  5. Dishes? eh, I can handle.

    Cooking? Yeah, I like it.

    Taking Lil'one's with you everywhere you go knowing that it will take twice as long for each task (just in their vehicle enter and exit routines) yeah... I enjoy it now and then. But, sometimes Mama enjoys a trip with just..well, Mama! LOL!

    As for the teen years? I'll love'em, but I am already aware they will bring on more gray! LOL!

    You've got a great bunch around there though, and you might gripe, but you know it and love'em all DOUBLE!

    Happy FWFD!!! Yipeeee!

  6. Ha! I'm laughing because I was always the kid who wanted to "go." It didn't matter where anyone was going - I just wanted to "go to."

    Sad thing is, I'm kind of still like that as an adult!


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