my day...

This is my favorite little girl who does not belong to me :) Her name is Emily...She calls my son Austin her hero and her superman...it is just so cute when he blushes.....

This is my favorite little man that doesnt belong to me - his name is Liam :) and he loves to give Aunt Kelly hugs and kisses but hates to play Simon Says with his sister because she is bossy... :)) giggle :))

This is my baby - His name is Alex :)

i played with my camera today at the park and all were very cooperative :) especially since most of the time they didn't even know i was taking pictures :)

These were a few of my favorites :) and my favorite of my favorites? :)

How cute is that? gotta love a little man in his wranglers and boots - with the seams split just like daddy's so that fit over his boots...


  1. They look great!!!! It also looks warm and sunny there. I can't wait to go outside with my kids and take more photo's of them. Still working on figuring out everything my camera can do. I do love it, just feel so completely inept!

  2. Love, love, love the last pic. Great Pictures. I recently got a new camera and can not wait to get out and take some photos.

    Happy Monday!!

  3. I love the picture of them both crossing the bridge!

  4. Me too! The crossing the bridge pic is awesome! Frameable!


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