Sunday morning two weeks later...

So apparently I have not made a post in FOREVER....

I have even attempted to do a couple NOT ME MONDAYS... didnt happen...got busy got sidetracked...got to working....

In the last two weeks I have done several things..

  1. I have been so sick I almost died on my couch....quite literally...well I thought I was dying,,the dr said no....
  2. I made the first payment on my new van....ughhh....
  3. I called my daughter a not - so - nice name that I usually reserve for people being mean to my kids....but in my defense....she is 17 and hormonal...and a royal bitch to be around at times and I so dont even know her - especially in the last 3 weeks.....so yeah I called my 17 yr old daughter a bitch and "explained" to her loudly (at least one time) that I did not raise her to act like this and to "KNOCK IT OFF!"
  4. I started reading "The Love Dare" (from fireproof) and I am considering doing a post each day from the book....
  5. I have cooked breakfast 4 times and dinner 14 times in 15 days... - I am tired of cooking...really really tired of cooking...
  6. I have spoken to the principal at my son's school 3 times....in two weeks....and he is in ISS ....nuff said...if you email I will tell you why....
  7. Wayne and I have forbid someone from coming to our house...a boy....more on that later....It is NOT ZAC...we love ZAC...it is a different penis having child....who has SUCH shady things goign on right now that we cannot afford as parents who have LOTS of extra children at our house to have him here and as an influence...even just hanging out watching movies is not gonna work for us...
  8. I registered my domain name! Yep you read that right....now? when you go to www.greenolivesandpicklejuice.com ? You get this website! How exciting is that? AND I now have an email @ this address....and you can now reach me @ thebosslady@greenolivesandpicklejuice.com
  9. You can email the rest of clan also at their new email addresses :)
  • W can be emailed @ nottheboss@greenolivesandpicklejuice.com
  • KD @ the daughter@greenolivesandpicklejuice.com
  • A @ theson@greenolivesandpicklejuice.com
  • the dog Alex @ thewonderpom@greenolivesandpicklejuice.com

I am goign to need some SERIOUS assistance with this registered domain name and trying to make my own site....i would LIKE to do something along the same lines as some others I have seen....with some tabbed pages and all that jazz....

Can ANYONE tell me how to do 3 columns? I cannot do it...I have tried....I will even give you my login if you will fix it for me!



  1. I have no advice on the domain thing - you are way ahead of me on the curve in that one! Just wanted to say it's nice to hear from you again!

  2. Glad you are feeling better....

    I think you deserve to go out to dinner tonight... :)


  3. Hello busy lady! Glad you posted. I haven't been terribly motivated to post this week because nooooo one comments! Ugh!

    Love and hugs!

  4. I am guessing KD's surgery went well? You never mentioned it aside from saying it was going to happen. Goos to hear from you again. I have no idea how long it's been since I posted - I'm afraid to look. There's just things I can't possibly write about in an "Open" post - and trying to write like everything is OK just won't work, either. Sigh.
    Love you!

  5. Goos?? Should have been GOOD, of course.

  6. I love the idea you have registered your name as a domain! Awesome! And it was nice catching up with you. Ouch the first van payment!
    Lisa in KY

  7. That's awesome on the domain, my Kelly's "moving on up" sorry singing the Jefferson's theme in my head now! LOL On the van payment, wahoo...one down! :)

  8. I ended McK's relationship with her troubled friend. Just had to. enough was enough. I fully expect something bad to happen with that child and I could not let her take my daughter with her. McK's attitude changed a lot.
    take care

  9. Tell your hubby it's time for a nice dinner out. :)

    As for the domain and layout help..I'm worthless. Sorry!


  10. I will trade your hormonal 17 yo for my hormonal just gave birth 21 yo.....on second thought....just send me your son!!! LOL boys are sooo much nicer!!

  11. Well I will be no help on the webpage thing (remember I asked how to do a signature LOL). Hoping that everything else is going ok.

    I would trade you children...but mine are about the same, just different names. :)

    OK...love ya. Have a great day.

  12. When I started with blogger I had my own domain too, but I was having trouble updating so i stopped it. I don't think you'll be able to change your background to a 3 column because you have a custom one made. I wish you luck on it. I love the email names! LOL


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