KD's Surgery

Ok so KD has not had her surgery yet...

For a couple reasons...

The dr. wanted to look again because she had a REALLY EXCEPTIONALLY HORRIBLE TOM right before the surgery was supposed to happen and he thought that was a good thing (typical man) because he said it might shrink it AND it was pushing out all the icky bad stuff...(you all know how and why TOM works...if not shoot me an email - lol - I am an expert now) It DOES NOT happen just to give us an oppurtunity to be bitchy irregardless of what KD and Wayne and Austin think...lol...

Anyway...we decided to put it off another week to see what happened with it...

It got worse....they think now that they are tumors not cysts...because the 3 (not 2 anymore) big ones are still growing and the biggest one is growing at such a rate that it grew 2 inches in 2 weeks...Dr says no way to know exactly what it is until he gets in there and pokes around - and the surgery could take anywhere between 90 minutes to 4 - 6 hours and could be day surgery or could involve a 2 day stay...we will see...

And in between that? I called to preregister her... got the amount from the dr thata we needed to pay - minimal amount....surgery center called and said I had to COME UP WITH $900 up front for the surgery...

Ok so now EVERYONE laugh with me :)

So anyway...her surgery has been moved to June 5 - which the day AFTER school gets out which is good and it is on a friday so we will have the weekend so i only miss a minimal amount of work...AND will give me time to come up with the money the dr wants since you know how important that is....

And I know that everyone needs to be paid but it KILLS ME and PISSES ME OFF that every illegal for 6000 miles can havesurgeries and babies every day they cant take care for free...and stay "in the system" all their life and my daughter cant have ONE "minor" surgery in a timely manner because we are responsible and have good insurance because they cant see their way to send me a bill AFTER the insurance pays their part....

Any thoughts???


In other news? Went to church this morning....it was uncomfortable...the man that has been giving my mother grief...sang a special this morning....he reallly reallly reallly should not have...it was not good....I would never tell him that but good lord it was awful...Mom was her normal catty self...I was ambivalent.....

Off to do mountains of laundry and attempt to get ready for the garage sale that i DIDNT get to have this weekend because it rained all day yesterday.....


Stilll looking for help on my blog design :) need to make it 3 colums....HELLP ME PLEASE KORI WHERE ARE YOU!


  1. That sucks for Kadie, good grief on the wait, tumors, and the money. ITA with you about the illegals. Infuriating.

    Ok so I need to either read on or you need to explain about this bad singing man who's giving your mom a hard time.

  2. I will keep Kadie in my prayers that all goes well...

    $900 up front?? Wowza! They aren't asking for much are they...ugh!


  3. I hope it all goes well for Kadie! keep us posted.
    As for the payment and all the "freebies" I won't start, but I will say I FULLY agree..it's disgusting.

  4. well, if it were me, I would have argued the $600.00. offered them less since they are estimating your part. (unless you have a copay) per most contracts they have with insurance companies, they cannot charge for services that have not been performed. However, I am going by what I know of TN.... TX may be very different. But if I were you, I would call the insurance company and see what they say.

  5. Poor Kadie. And poor mom for having to come up with that much money. Eeek! I've never heard of having to pay that much prior to surgery...especially when you have insurance. I think I might question that a bit.


  6. SOrry your DD is still having to wait. Believe me I know how much of a pain it is to wait when you are in so much pain.

    We you first was saying about the $$ up front I was assuming (MY BAD) she didn't have insurance. Reading on and she does, I am shocked you have to pay upfront. Are you sure about that? I have never heard you pay before the insurance pays. That BITES.

    I too could say a lot about "freebies" and "illegals", but I will refrain.

    Hope she is feeling some relief and waiting 17 more days doesn't kill her in pain.

  7. Call your insurance company....I don't believe they can bill you before services. that should be an estimate only....is that from Dr. or surgical facility?

    Illegals...not enough room for me to even start to comment on that one!

  8. I've never had a surgeon tell us we needed to pay our part after surgery before the surgery, thank goodness!

    I agree with you....illegals can be here and get free health care. It's not fair at all!

    Poor Kadie! I can't imagine the female problems she's having right now!

    Hope you have a good week!

  9. Hey! I hope the surgery goes well! I hate the health care system -- but I don't think socializing it is the answer either. My husand has terrible experiances with social med.

    I can help you with the 3 column thing! That I can do! Check out this tutorial! This is what I followed to do my blog: http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2007/07/create-three-column-blogger-template.html

    Good luck!


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