Tuesday Morning

I am at home with Austin today -

Lori already irritated me today with her "I got 2nd row floor dead center tickets to see George Strait" (say that in a whiney voice *wink wink*)

UGH on Lori - Take me with you - Scott can stay home :)

Today since I am NOT at work - I am goign to try to catch up the laundry and clean out my pantry and clean the living room - and clean out my dvr...

I also am going to try to catch up on some journaling and reading and all that jazz...

You will definitely see me later in the form of a post and a bunch of times later in the form of comments on journals :)

Later gaters!

SIDE NOTE (after the fact) Austin just got up off the couch where he slept last night and he is in his underwear and a tshirt - The child has MUSCLES on his LEGS that I never noticed and holy cow are his legs long! He weighed 127 at the hospital and is 5'1 - sigh - he is growing into a young man - ICK!


  1. Ya know, ya think SOME PEOPLE could just be happy for OTHER PEOPLE! LOL JK

    Why do we have to live so far apart? :o(


  2. Awwww, I know. My seven year old has grown so much in the last year. He's all boy now, with not much "little" left. I'm thrilled but I still miss the little years too!

    Luckily, he hasn't outgrown snuggling up with Mama and Daddy yet! ;-) But, I know it is coming...

  3. Ok So I suck with comments, but I do read darn it.
    Just want to to show you my pretty face. ahaha

  4. Glad your kiddo is getting to feeling better!

  5. Hope you've enjoyed your day off!

    And I know just what you mean...Parker has shot up this past winter. He doesn't look babyish at all anymore. :(


  6. That is a lot to accomplish in one day. I'm exhausted just reading about it! Hope it was productive for you!


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